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Native American America/USA  Annie Wickett (1774,Cherokee Nation, Forsyth, Georgia, USA - ,)

America/USA  Andries (Andrew) Widerwachs (22 May 1739,Red Hook, Dutchess, New York, USA - 16 May 1824,Greenbush, Rensselaer, New York, USA)
(Johann Andreas Wiederwachs & Anna Barbara Loescher)

immigrant Germany  Johann Andreas Wiederwachs (abt. 1703,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 10 May 1784,Tamhanick, Albany, New York, USA)

America/USA  Jane Ann Wier (29 March 1845,Vinton, Oklahoma, USA - 28 January 1909,Franklin, Franklin, Nebraska, USA)
(John Wier & Nancy DeWint Kipp)
America/USA  John Wier (8 December 1811,Washington, Pennsylvania, USA - 27 May 1895,Bates, Missouri, USA)

Wife of William EVANS Unknown Maiden Name
  Catherine Wife of William EVANS Unknown Maiden Name (ABT 1811, - 1850,Atlantic Ocean (at sea))

Holland/Netherlands  Styntie Douwes Wiggersz (22 January 1616,, Netherlands (Holland) - 1682,, Ulster County, New York, USA (Esopus))

America/USA  Sarah Wiggin (abt. 1669,Dover, New Hampshire, USA - abt. 1738,Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA)

  Mary Wiggins (, - ,)

America/USA  Ephraim Wight (27 January 1646,Dedham, Massachusetts, USA - 26 February 1723,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Hannah Wight (February 9 1667,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA - November 24 1759,Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Samuel Wight & Hannah Albee)
America/USA  Ruth Wight (20 July 1688,Medfield, Massachusetts, USA - 5 November 1747,Medway, Massachusetts, USA)
(Ephraim Wight & Lydia Morse)
America/USA  Samuel Wight (abt. 1639,, Massachusetts, USA - 1716,Medford, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Daniel J Wiknik (28 February 1980,Middletown, Connecticut, USA - 1 June 2010,Middletown, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(James F Wiknik & Susan Jasse)
America/USA  James F Wiknik (11 May 1955,Middletown, Connecticut, USA - 12 May 2005,Middletown, Connecticut, USA)

America/USA  Victor E Wikstrand (12 January 1894,Chicago, Illinois, USA - December 1975,Longmont, Colorado, USA)

  Eliza Wilberson (, - ,)

immigrant England  Dorothy Wilbore? (1617,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 19 February 1696,Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA)

America/USA  Elizabeth Wilbour (23 July 1723,Little Compton, Rhode Island, USA - ,)

America/USA  Frank Everett Wilbraham (14 January 1896,Poquonock, Connecticut, USA - ,)

America/USA  Frederick Oliver Wilbur (24 November 1881,, Rhode Island, USA - 17 October 1933,Cranston, Rhode Island, USA (Pawtuxet))
(George Andrew Wilbur & Dora E Spooner)
America/USA  George Andrew Wilbur (March 1859,, Georgia, USA - bet. 1920-1924, )
America/USA  George Leonard Wilbur (16 November 1886,Providence, Rhode Island, USA - March 1966,Cranston, Rhode Island, USA (Pawtuxet))
(George Andrew Wilbur & Dora E Spooner)
America/USA  Grace Leola Wilbur (11 December 1889,Providence, Rhode Island, USA - 28 August 1990,Warwick, Rhode Island, USA)
(George Andrew Wilbur & Dora E Spooner)
America/USA  Helen M. Wilbur (28 December 1882,Providence, Rhode Island, USA - , )
(George Andrew Wilbur & Dora E Spooner)
  Howard Gooding Wilbur (15 August 1901,Macon, Georgia - 29 March 1990,, Florida, USA)
(George Andrew Wilbur & Dora E Spooner)
America/USA  Joseph G Wilbur (1830,Little Compton, Rhode Island, USA - ,)
America/USA  Marianna Wilbur (13 November 1853,Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA - 12 December 1940,Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA)
(Joseph G Wilbur & Caroline Coggeshall)
America/USA  Ruth Burnham Wilbur (1 June 1898,Providence, Rhode Island, USA - February 1992,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston))
(George Andrew Wilbur & Dora E Spooner)
America/USA  Samuel Pardee Wilbur (abt. 1888,, Rhode Island, USA - 5 April 1890,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
(George Andrew Wilbur & Dora E Spooner)
America/USA  William Pardee Wilbur (7 January 1886,Providence, Rhode Island, USA - 25 August 1886,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
(George Andrew Wilbur & Dora E Spooner)

America/USA  Frances Wilburn (10 January 1764,, Albemarle County, Virginia, USA - ,)
(John Wilburn & Temperance Hill)
America/USA  John Wilburn (1728,, Surry County, Virginia, USA - ,)
(John Welbourne & Anne Hope)

America/USA  Phoebe Wilcher (abt. 1750,, Virginia, USA - ,)

America/USA  Aline L Wilcox (1899,, Arkansas, USA - 1965,Memphis, Tennessee, USA)
America/USA  Anna Wilcox (1801,Springfield, Vermont, USA - 6 September 1872,Cavendish, Windsor, Vermont, USA)
 America/USA  Mary Barker Wilcox (19 October 1872,Taunton, Massachusetts, USA - 3 December 1942,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

America/USA  Mary Wilcoxen (1650,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 16 April 1674,Stratford, Connecticut, USA)
(William Wilcoxson & Margaret Birdseye)
America/USA  Sarah Wilcoxen (1648,Stratford, Connecticut, USA - 24 November 1691,Guilford, Connecticut, USA)
(William Wilcoxson & Margaret Birdseye)

America/USA  Hannah Wilcoxson (19 January 1665,, Connecticut, USA - 6 February 1708,Wallingford, Connecticut, USA)
(Joseph Wilcoxson & Margaret Ann Sheather)
America/USA  Joseph Wilcoxson (1635,Concord, Massachusetts, USA - 9 February 1703,Killingworth, Connecticut, USA)
(William Wilcoxson & Margaret Birdseye)
America/USA  Phebe Wilcoxson (31 August 1650,Stratford, Connecticut, USA - 20 September 1743,Stratford, Connecticut, USA)
(William Wilcoxson & Margaret Birdseye)
immigrant England  William Wilcoxson (1608,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 28 November 1652,Stratford, Connecticut, USA)

America/USA  Abigail Wild (abt. 1766,, Massachusetts, USA - 25 November 1848,)

immigrant England  Edward Wilder (1 January 1623,Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England - 18 October 1690,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Elizabeth Wilder (abt. 1652,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 27 January 1731,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Edward Wilder & Elizabeth Eames)
America/USA  Elizabeth Wilder (1703,Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA - 13 September 1779,Littleton, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

  Mrs. Unknown Wilford (about 1380, - ,)

England  Bray Wilkins (abt. 1610,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1 January 1701,Middleton, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Henry Wilkins (17 July 1651,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - 8 December 1737,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
(Bray Wilkins & Hannah Way)
America/USA  Isaac Wilkins (20 July 1690,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Thomas Wilkins & Hannah Nichols)
America/USA  Sarah Smith Wilkins (17 December 1731,Middleton, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Timothy Wilkins & Anna Smith)
America/USA  Susannah Baxter Wilkins (13 October 1684,Middleton, Massachusetts, USA - 5 January 1773,Middleton, Massachusetts, USA)
(Henry Wilkins & Rebecca Baxter)
America/USA  Thomas Wilkins (16 March 1647,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - October 1717,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
(Bray Wilkins & Hannah Way)
America/USA  Timothy Wilkins (3 July 1709,Carlisle, Massachusetts, USA - January 1791,Acton, Massachusetts, USA)
(Isaac Wilkins & Susannah Baxter Wilkins)

America/USA  Elizabeth Jane Wilks (1763,, South Carolina, USA - 1791,Wayne, Kentucky, USA)
(William Wilks & Unknown Crafton)
America/USA  William Wilks (abt. 1768,, Virginia, USA - 18 June 1846,Camp Point, Adams, Illinois, USA)

  Alice Willard (, - ,)
America/USA  Betsy Willard (28 March 1784,Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA - 19 April 1799,Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA)
(Simon Willard & Elizabeth Darby)
America/USA  Douglas Taylor Willard (28 December 1898,South Portland, Maine, USA - ,)
America/USA  Edwin Ashbel Willard (19 August 1857,Wrentham, Massachusetts, USA - 6 October 1906?,)
America/USA  Lockhart Willard (16 February 1789,Keene, New Hampshire, USA - 11 January 1867,Keene, New Hampshire, USA)
immigrant England  Margery Willard (6 November 1602,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1656,Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Myra Willard (25 September 1765,Hartland, Vermont, USA - 18 January 1827,Hartland, Vermont, USA)
America/USA  Shirley Elizabeth Willard (03/09/1923,Buffalo, New York, USA - 12/02/2012,Buffalo, New York, USA)
(John Ouelette & Anna Catherine Walterich)
America/USA  Simon Willard (1675,Groton, Massachusetts, USA - 12 December 1706,Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Simon Willard (28 Setpmber 1727,Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA - 9 January 1825,Lancaster, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant Holland/Netherlands  Anna Willems (11 December 1805,Oploo, Noord Brabant, Netherlands - 1853,, Wisconsin, USA)

America/USA  Meta M Willen (29 November 1888,, New York, USA - August 1983,Westchester, New York)

immigrant - US to Canada   Hannah Willet (abt. 1760,, Connecticut, USA - abt. 1800,Pennfield Parish, Charlotte Co., New Brunswick, Canada)
(Joseph Willett & Mary Nichols)

  Anna Mary Willett (22 April 1915, - 25 December 1988,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA)
(Ernest C Willett & Ectorine Boisvert)
immigrant America/USA  Ernest C Willett (abt. 1876,Limestone, Aroostook, Maine, USA - 5 December 1965,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA)
(Peter Willett & Mary Paradis)
America/USA  Joseph Willett (11 May 1674,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA (Byfield) - 1729,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA (Byfield))
(Thomas (Francis) Willett & Martha Silver)
America/USA  Joseph Willett (8 May 1707,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA (Byfield) - 1781,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA (Byfield))
(Joseph Willett & Elizabeth Jackman)
  Peter Willett (, - ,)
America/USA  Thomas (Francis) Willett (1 October 1646,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA - 11 October 1723,Long Island City, New York, USA)

Willette (Oulette)
  Helen Mary Willette (Oulette) (10/14/1923,fort miller,n.y. - ,Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
(Paul Wallace Willette (Oulette) & Laura Borden (Bordeau, Bourdon))
America/USA  Paul Wallace Willette (Oulette) (7 March 1898,Exeter, New Hampshire, USA - ,)

America/USA  Clayton George Willey (24 October 1913,Greensboro, Vermont, USA (Greensborough) - 7 October 1969,Morristown, Vermont, USA (Morrisville))
America/USA  Elizabeth Willey (1650,Taunton, Massachusetts, USA - 1705,Lyme, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Elizabeth Willey (29 December 1701,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA - 29 August 1767,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
(John Willey & Elizabeth Harvey)
immigrant England  Isaac Willey (1614,, Yorkshire County, England - 1685,Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Joanna Willey (abt. 1638,, Massachusetts, USA - 1660,New London, Connecticut, USA)
(Isaac Willey & Joanna Lutten)
America/USA  John Willey (1648,New London, Connecticut, USA - 2 May 1688,Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
(Isaac Willey & Joanna Lutten)
America/USA  John Willey (24 February 1673,New London, Connecticut, USA - 19 June 1754,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
(John Willey & Miriam Moore)
America/USA  Mary F Willey (14 June 1840,Newburyport, Massachusetts, USA - 30 May 1939,Stuart, Florida, USA (Potsdam))

America/USA  Abigail Williams (22 September 1737,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA (Byfield) - ,)
America/USA  Alvin John Williams (abt. 1852,Boothbay, Maine, USA (Boothbay Harbor) - 25 April 1896,Boothbay, Maine, USA (Boothbay Harbor))
America/USA  Alvin P Williams (March 1877,Boothbay, Maine, USA (Boothbay Harbor) - 11 June 1964?,Brunswick, Maine, USA)
(Alvin John Williams & Willietta "Etta" Fowles)
America/USA  Alvin P Williams (18 May 1921,, Maine, USA - 24 May 1995,Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
(Alvin P Williams & Effie Estelle Jewell)
immigrant England  Ann Williams (abt. 1615,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1685,Concord, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Anne Williams (abt. 1679,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1751,, Delaware, USA)
America/USA  Charles Williams (19 May 1804,, Maryland, USA - 15 May 1879,Chester, Pennsylvania, USA)
America/USA  Charles Williams (4 April 1869,Derby, Vermont, USA - 12 October 1953,Newport, Vermont, USA)
America/USA  Christina Williams (2 April 1772,, Pennsylvania, USA - 24 February 1839,, Pennsylvania, USA)
(Frederick Williams & Catherine UNKNOWN)

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