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  Abby Tobey (1797, - 25 April 1879,Acushnet, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Harriet Tobey (abt. 1787,, Massachusetts, USA - 1865,Chicago, Illinois, USA)
  Love M. Tobey (1802, - 23 June 1879,Acushnet, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant Ireland  Mary Tobin (1860,, Ireland - 18 January 1895,Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA)
  Mary Elizabeth Tobin (June 14, 1930,Potlatch, Idaho - 1993,Boise, Idaho)
  William Tobin (1833, - 6 December 1868,North Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA )

America/USA  Alice Ellen Todd (11 March 1884,, Tennessee, USA - 29 June 1958,Fulton, Obion, Tennessee, USA)
(James W Todd & Emiline Spicer)
America/USA  Benjamin Todd (1728,Easton, Pennsylvania, USA - 1812,Boonesboro, Madison, Kentucky, USA)
(John B Todd & Judith Bearden)
America/USA  Benjamin John Todd (17 August 1759,Easton, Pennsylvania, USA - 25 February 1854,Rutherford, Tennessee, USA)
(Benjamin Todd & Sarah Griffin)
America/USA  James Barclay Todd (1 March 1792,, Rowan County, North Carolina, USA - 19 December 1865,Cannon, Tennessee, USA)
(Benjamin John Todd & Mary Margaret Barclay)
America/USA  James W Todd (2 September 1847,, Tennessee, USA - 6 March 1927,Martin, Weakley, Tennessee, USA)
(Thomas Lawson Todd & Nancy Ann Huckleberry Wood)
immigrant England  John Todd (abt. 1618,Ipswich, Suffolk, England - 14 February 1689,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  John B Todd (October 1705,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - 1769,, Rowan County, North Carolina, USA)
America/USA  Joshua John Todd (1685,Delaware County, Pennsylvania, USA - 29 December 1729,Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA)
America/USA  Mercy Todd (18 February 1656,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 8 April 1717,New Haven, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
America/USA  Ruth Todd (11 February 1656,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 17 February 1716,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Todd & Susanna Hunt)
America/USA  Thomas Lawson Todd (abt. 1810,, Tennessee, USA - abt. 1880,)
(James Barclay Todd & Mary Jane Fraizer Dunaway)

America/USA  Sally Anne (Sarah) Toffet (1819,, New York, USA - 21 April 1888,Auburn, New York, USA) gravestone

  Daniel Tolles (1705, - 20 June 1782,Bethany, Connecticut, USA)

  George William Tolman (11/22/1863,Spring Lake, Ottowa, Michigan - 09/11/1939,Oconto Co., Wisconsin)
  Gordice Lorraine tolman (08/11/1938,Sands Township, Marquette Co., Marquette, Michigan - 01/11/2008,Beaver Grove, Michigan)
(Leland Joseph tolman & Bernice Marian Jensen)
America/USA  Hosea Tolman (1797,Dana, Massachusetts, USA* - 26 September 1872,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)
  John Tolman (1780, - 6 November 1847,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)
America/USA  Joshua Tolman (1816,Brandon, Vermont, USA - 15 April 1879,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)
America/USA  Leland Joseph tolman (01/01/1912,, Wisconsin, USA - 11/1965,Marquette, Michigan, USA)
(George William Tolman & Cora Ann Comeau)
immigrant England  Mary Tolman (abt. 1631,, England - 14 February 1723,, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Wm Tolman (1779,Dana, Massachusetts, USA* - 6 February 1864,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)

immigrant Germany  Christina Fredicka Tome (1833,, Germany - 12 May 1912,Nottawasaga, Ontario, Canada)

Tomire (Dumire)
immigrant Germany  Rhinehart Tomire (Dumire) (abt. 1765,Palatine, Germany - April 1831,St George, Randolph, Virginia, USA)

Slovakia  András Tomko (5 June 1870,Svinica, Košice, Slovakia - 2 June 1872,Svinica, Košice, Slovakia )
(George (György) Tomko & Anna Pasicsák (Pasitsák))
Slovakia  Anna Tomko (3 April 1872,Svinica, Košice, Slovakia - , )
(George (György) Tomko & Anna Pasicsák (Pasitsák))
 immigrant Slovakia  Elizabeth (Alzbeta) (Erzsébet) Tomko (July 1868,Svinica, Košice, Slovakia - 11 February 1946,Thompson, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(George (György) Tomko & Anna Pasicsák (Pasitsák))
immigrant Hungary  George Tomko (1874,, Hungary - 9 April 1913,Dudley, Massachusetts, USA)
(George (György) Tomko & Anna Pasicsák (Pasitsák))
Hungary  George (György) Tomko (abt. 1850,, Hungary - ,)
Slovakia  George (György) Tomko (23 September 1867,Svinica, Košice, Slovakia - ,)
(George (György) Tomko & Anna Pasicsák (Pasitsák))
immigrant Hungary  John Tomko (3 May 1879,, Hungary - aft. 1928,, United States )
(George (György) Tomko & Anna Pasicsák (Pasitsák))

America/USA  Isaac Tomlin (12 March 1730,Westborough, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  John Tomlin (27 July 1734,Westborough, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  Martha Tomlin (21 August 1636,, Virginia, USA - 1683,, Virginia, USA)
America/USA  Martha Tomlin (9 May 1731,Westborough, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  Mary Tomlin (1633,, Virginia, USA - 27 September 1684,, Middlesex County, Virginia, USA)

immigrant England  Rebecca Tomlin? (abt. 1620,, England - 19 July 1657,Boston, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Joseph Tomlinson (abt. 1702,, Pennsylvania, USA - 1 April 1785,Upper Makefield, Bucks, Pennsylvania, USA)
America/USA  Richard Tomlinson (abt. 1729,, Pennsylvania, USA - 13 March 1764,Bertie County, North Carolina, USA)
(Joseph Tomlinson & Mary Merrick)
America/USA  Susannah Tomlinson (9 June 1755,Bertie County, North Carolina, USA - 13 December 1820,Twiggs County, Georgia, USA)
(Richard Tomlinson & Martha Charleton (Charlton))
America/USA  Tabitha Tomlinson (1645,Derby, Connecticut, USA - 169,Derby, Connecticut, USA)

immigrant England  John Tompkins (1610,, England - 23 June 1681,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  John Tompkins (26 August 1642,Concord, Massachusetts, USA - 1702,, New York, USA)
(John Tompkins & Margaret Goodman)
America/USA  Nathaniel Tompkins (1670,Concord, Massachusetts, USA - 1732,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Tompkins & Rebecca Knight)
America/USA  Nathaniel Tompkins (1709,Greenboro, Oswego, New York, USA - 1771,Phillips, Dutchess, New York, USA)
(Nathaniel Tompkins & Mary Pasco)
America/USA  Nathaniel Tompkins (abt. 1797,, New York, USA - 15 October 1880,Herkimer County, New York, USA)
(Stephen Tompkins & Margaret Wetherwax)
  Sally Lavina Tompkins (16 July 1814, - 1840,Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, USA)
(Nathaniel Tompkins & Elizabeth "Betsey" Rathbone)
America/USA  Stephen Tompkins (21 April 1741,New Castle, Westchester, New York, USA - ,)
America/USA  Stephen Tompkins (21 April 1741,New Castle, Westchester, New York, USA - 25 November 1794,Kinderhook, Dutchess, New York, USA)
(Nathaniel Tompkins & Elizabeth UNKNOWN)
America/USA  Stephen Tompkins (1 August 1771,, Dutchess County, New York, USA - 1843,Norway, New York, USA)
(Stephen Tompkins & Sarah Sarles)

America/USA  Elhana Tomplin (1797,Dana, Massachusetts, USA* - 27 February 1876,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)

  David Toms (1809, - 27 December 1859,Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA )

America/USA  Truman Tomson (1839,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA - 7 November 1866,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )

Tondreau dit LaSouche
immigrant France  Pierre Tondreau dit LaSouche (17 March 1648,, France - 24 July 1729,L'Islet, Québec, Canada )

America/USA  Nellie (Ellen) H Toner (June 1858,Worcester, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Patrick Toner & Mary A UNKNOWN)
immigrant Ireland  Patrick Toner (abt. 1814,, Ireland - ,, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Hannah Tongue (20 July 1654,Montville, Connecticut, USA - 1 December 1713,New London, Connecticut, USA)

Ireland  David Tonhill (1788,, Ireland - 1 August 1848,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA)

Canada/New France  Joseph-Godefroy Tonnancour (9 March 1828,Yamaska, Québec, Canada - 6 August 1900,Yamaska, Québec, Canada )
(Louis-Joseph Godefroy de Tonnancour & Marie Fourquin dite Leveille)
Canada/New France  Joseph-Roch Tonnancour (28 July 1857,Yamaska, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Roch Tonnancour (Tenancour) & Adeline Parent)
Canada/New France  Marie-Elèonore Tonnancour (19 October 1833,Yamaska, Québec, Canada - 15 July 1834,Yamaska, Québec, Canada )
(Louis-Joseph Godefroy de Tonnancour & Marie Fourquin dite Leveille)

Tonnancour (Tenancour)
immigrant - Canada to US   Roch Tonnancour (Tenancour) (25 August 1832,Yamaska, Québec, Canada - 11 June 1910,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
(Louis-Joseph Godefroy de Tonnancour & Marie Fourquin dite Leveille)

Canada/New France  Josephte Tonty (26 May 1713,Montréal, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Alphonse Tonty dit Paludy & Marie-Anne Picoté dite Belestre)

Tonty dit Paludy
immigrant France  Alphonse Tonty dit Paludy (7 July 1659,Paris, France - 10 November 1727,Detroit, Michigan, USA)

America/USA  Agnes Tooley (14 December 1684,Long Island City, New York, USA - 10 September 1719,Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
(Christopher Tooley & Elizabeth UNKNOWN)
America/USA  Christopher Tooley (abt. 1650,, Connecticut, USA - 28 January 1717,Killingworth, Connecticut, USA)

America/USA  Ida Tootsie (1911,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)

America/USA  Mary Topor (12 February 1920,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA - 27 January 2011,Andover, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

immigrant Fille du Roi France  Catherine Topsan (abt. 1638,Dieppe, France - 28 November 1693,Saint-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada )

immigrant Norway  Johannes / John TORKELSEN / TVEDT /TWEET (1816,Kåsa, Hitterdal, Bratsberg, Norway - ,, Minnesota, USA)

  John Torrey (1788, - 26 December 1872,Cummington, Massachusetts, USA)
  Josiah Torrey (1793, - 5 June 1865,Cummington, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Naomi "Emmaline" Torrey (10 March 1614,Keynsham, Somerset, England - 26 November 1668,Scituate, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  William J. Torrey (1852,Oberlin, Ohio, USA - 11 October 1872,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )

America/USA  Martha Tosh (1705,Newport, Rhode Island, USA - 25 February 1795,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)

America/USA  Experience Totman (23 February 1762,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA - 20 August 1830,Buckland, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Joshua Totman & Elizabeth Ward)
America/USA  Jennie Frances Totman (5 February 1852,Colrain, Massachusetts, USA - 13 May 1927,Conway, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Joshua Baron Totman & Hannah Hawks)
America/USA  Jonathan Totman (15 September 1785,Colrain, Massachusetts, USA - 6 January 1864,Colrain, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
(Stoddard Totman & Rebecca Cobb)
America/USA  Joshua Totman (14 October 1737,Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA - 25 October 1808,Colrain, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
America/USA  Joshua Baron Totman (2 September 1820,Colrain, Massachusetts, USA - 29 December 1910,Greenfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Jonathan Totman & Jennie Smith)
  Nabby Totman (1776, - 19 August 1874,Billerica, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Stoddard Totman (3 October 1756,, Massachusetts, USA - 9 July 1845,Colrain, Massachusetts, USA ) gravestone
(Joshua Totman & Elizabeth Ward)

  Harry Tottingham (1825, - 6 November 1846,Adams, Massachusetts, USA)

Canada/New France  Anne-Louise Touchet (14 January 1718,Charlesbourg, Québec, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Thomas-Marie Touchet (Touchette) & Geneviève Gagné)
Canada/New France  Marie Touchet (11 February 1683,L'Ange-Gardien, Québec, Canada - 9 September 1724,Québec, Québec, Canada )
(Simon Touchet & Françoise-Marie Guignard (Gignard))
immigrant France  Simon Touchet (abt. 1658,, France - 12 January 1703,L'Ange-Gardien, Québec, Canada)
Canada/New France  Suzanne Touchet (16 February 1688,L'Ange-Gardien, Québec, Canada - 24 February 1758,Deschambault, Québec, Canada )
(Simon Touchet & Françoise-Marie Guignard (Gignard))

Touchet (Touchette)
Canada/New France  Anne Touchet (Touchette) (1694,L'Ange-Gardien, Québec, Canada - 12 August 1694,L'Ange-Gardien, Québec, Canada)
(Simon Touchet & Françoise-Marie Guignard (Gignard))

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