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America/USA  Abigail Spafford (1760,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Daniel Spafford & Judith Follansbee)
America/USA  Daniel Spafford (23 April 1721,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA (Byfield) - 26 April 1803,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Spafford & Sarah Poore)
America/USA  John Spafford (12 June 1678,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 11 October 1735,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Spafford (Spofford) & Sarah Wheeler)

Spafford (Spofford)
America/USA  John Spafford (Spofford) (24 October 1648,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 22 April 1697,Georgetown, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Spofford & Elizabeth Scott)

immigrant England  Ann Sparhawk (abt. 1623,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - abt. 1717,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Elizabeth Sparks (abt. 1666,, Massachusetts, USA - 10 April 1692,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Andrew Spaulding (19 November 1652,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - 5 May 1713,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA)
(Edward Spaulding & Rachel Needham)
America/USA  Andrew Spaulding (25 March 1678,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - 7 November 1753,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA)
(Andrew Spaulding & Hannah Jefes)
America/USA  Betty Spaulding (4 December 1728 ,Westford, Massachusetts, USA - 7 October 1799 ,Harvard, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Bridget Spaulding (23 June 1774,Westminster, Massachusetts, USA - 5 April 1861,Anson, Somerset, Maine, USA)
(Joseph Spaulding & Bridget Crosby)
 America/USA  Claire Spaulding (13 January 1929,Suffield, Connecticut, USA - 22 September 2012,Hartford, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
immigrant England  Edward Spaulding (13 September 1596,St Peters Cornhill, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England - 26 February 1670,Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Grace Spaulding (13 March 1762,Hinsdale, Massachusetts, USA - 20 August 1843,Scipio, New York, USA)
America/USA  Hannah Spaulding (abt. 1674,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - 23 January 1747,Killingly, Connecticut, USA)
(Joseph Spaulding & Mercy Jewell)
America/USA  Jacob Spaulding (6 September 1703,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - 4 March 1776,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA)
(Andrew Spaulding & Abigail Warren)
America/USA  Joseph Spaulding (25 October 1646,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA - 3 April 1740,Plainfield, Connecticut, USA)
(Edward Spaulding & Rachel Needham)
America/USA  Joseph Spaulding (1 May 1737,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - 14 August 1796,Westminster, Massachusetts, USA)
(Jacob Spaulding & Susanna Pierce)
America/USA  Lydia Spaulding (abt. 1677,Chelmsford, Massachusetts, USA - 23 March 1706,Plainfield, Connecticut, USA)
(Joseph Spaulding & Mercy Jewell)

America/USA  Elizabeth "Betsy" Spears (22 April 1944,Meriden, Connecticut, USA - 27 October 2008,New Britain, Connecticut, USA)
(Robert E Spears & Eleanor M Egan)
America/USA  Gladys Marie Spears (1923,, West Virginia, USA - 1984,, Washington (state), USA)
(John Spears & Dorethy Oney)
  John Spears (1900, - ,)
America/USA  Robert E Spears (09 June 1915,, Connecticut, USA - 18 September 1985,Meriden, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Viola Spears (7 July 1884,, Kentucky, USA - 21 January 1963,Oak Hill, Jackson, Ohio)

  Thomas Speller (, - February 1935,, Massachusetts, USA)

  Jane A Spellman (, - ,)

America/USA  Abigail Spencer (2 June 1741,Middletown, Connecticut, USA - 2 January 1804,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Alice Spencer (1641,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA - 22 December 1714,Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
(Gerard Spencer & Hannah Hills)
America/USA  Anna Spencer (1 December 1763,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA - 5 February 1837,Rumney, New Hampshire, USA)
America/USA  Charles Wright Spencer (1806,, Vermont, USA - 1 March 1874,Plainfield, Illinois, USA)
America/USA  Elizabeth Spencer (26 March 1648,Hartford, Connecticut, USA - 1 January 1712,Hartford, Connecticut, USA)
(Thomas Spencer & Sarah Bearding)
America/USA  Ethel Minnie Spencer (18 June 1891,Bloomfield, Connecticut, USA - ,)
America/USA  Eunice Spencer (14 Mary 1738,Suffield, Connecticut, USA - 10 November 1776,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
(Zachariah Spencer & Mary UNKNOWN)
America/USA  Eunice Spencer (6 August 1767,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA - ,)
immigrant England  Frederick Spencer (1866,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1928,Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA (Shelburne Falls))
(Samuel Spencer & Emma Gray)
immigrant England  Gerard Spencer (16 April 1614,Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England - 29 June 1685,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Horace Spencer (1846,Shaftsbury, Vermont, USA - ,)
(Charles Wright Spencer & Emily Huntington)
  Huldah Spencer (, - ,)
America/USA  Israel Brainerd Spencer (28 September 1765,East Haddam, Connecticut, USA - ,)
America/USA  Margaret Spencer (1632,Kittery, Maine, USA - 1670,Kittery, Maine, USA)
(Thomas Spencer & Patience Chadbourne)
America/USA  Mary E Spencer (1833,Shaftsbury, Vermont, USA - ,)
(Charles Wright Spencer & Emily Huntington)
America/USA  Mehitable Spencer (1642,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA - 1691,Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
  Ralph C Spencer (, - ,)
America/USA  Ruth Spencer (1654,, Connecticut, USA - 28 November 1744,Haddam, Connecticut, USA)
(Gerard Spencer & Hannah Hills)
immigrant England  Samuel Spencer (31 May 1841,Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England - 14 February 1900,Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA (Shelburne Falls))
(Thomas Spencer & Ann Curtis)
America/USA  Sarah Spencer (27 July 1644,, Connecticut, USA - 1707,Canterbury, Connecticut, USA)
(Gerard Spencer & Hannah Hills)
America/USA  Sarah Spencer (20 June 1708,East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA - ,)
(William Spencer & Elizabeth Jenkins)
immigrant England  Thomas Spencer (15 December 1595,Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, England - 15 December 1681,Berwick, Maine, USA)
immigrant England  Thomas Spencer (29 March 1607,Stotfold, Bedfordshire, England - 11 September 1687,Glastonbury, Connecticut, USA)
England  Thomas Spencer (1819,Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England - 1879,Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England)
America/USA  Violetta Irene Spencer (30 May 1905,Shelburne, Massachusetts, USA (Shelburne Falls) - 20 June 1999,Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA)
(Frederick Spencer & Lucy Jane Marrion)
America/USA  William Spencer (1 July 1672,East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA - 25 October 1748,North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (North Kingston) (Wickford))
America/USA  Wright "Charlie" Spencer (1842,Shaftsbury, Vermont, USA - ,)
(Charles Wright Spencer & Emily Huntington)
  Zachariah Spencer (, - ,)

Germany  Frederick Sperling (abt. 1860,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - ,)

America/USA  Abigail Sperry (1731,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - ,)

America/USA  Burrell Bennett Spicer (1813,, Tennessee, USA - 5 August 1897,Martin, Weakley, Tennessee, USA)
(James Spicer & Percula Price)
America/USA  Emiline Spicer (20 June 1847,, Tennessee, USA - 30 March 1918,Martin, Weakley, Tennessee, USA)
(Burrell Bennett Spicer & Nancy Moreland)
America/USA  James Spicer (1762,, North Carolina, USA - ,)
(Joseph Spicer & Mary Fitzpatrick)
America/USA  Jane Elizabeth Spicer (1788,Muskingum, Muskingum, Ohio, USA - June 1823,Muskingum, Muskingum, Ohio, USA)
(John Spicer & Kathern UNKNOWN)
immigrant England  John Spicer (19 May 1754,Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England - 6 August 1838,Zanesville, Muskingum, Ohio, USA)
America/USA  Joseph Spicer (1744,, North Carolina, USA - ,)

Spicer? Gerrish?
immigrant England  Ann Spicer? Gerrish? (1618,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 10 July 1689,Salisbury, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Elizabeth Spidle (8 March 1805,, Pennsylvania, USA - 10 February 1878,, Pennsylvania, USA)

America/USA  Hannah Spiers (1710,, Virginia, USA - 1777,, Virginia, USA)

America/USA  Edson Jacob Spofford (28 June 1882,, Maine, USA - 16 September 1963,Hallowell, Maine, USA)
(Frank E Spofford & Lucy Ellen Wadsworth)
America/USA  Frank E Spofford (27 July 1852,Greene, Maine, USA - 22 March 1911,Sabattus, Maine, USA (Webster))
(Jacob Anderson Spofford & Rosetta Ann Pratt)
America/USA  Frederick P Spofford (19 March 1855,Greene, Maine, USA - 1 April 1915,Greene, Maine, USA)
(Jacob Anderson Spofford & Rosetta Ann Pratt)
America/USA  Jacob Anderson Spofford (06 July 1820,Greene, Maine, USA - 11 December 1861,Greene, Maine, USA)
immigrant England  John Spofford (1611,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 6 November 1678,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA)

Sponheim de Corinthia
  Mathilda Sponheim de Corinthia (1097, - 1160,, France)

America/USA  Dora E Spooner (July 1861,, Rhode Island, USA - aft. 1938, )
America/USA  Lydia Spooner (1710,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA - 1755,Hardwick, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Martha Spooner (abt. 1657,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA - ,)

Spori (Spoeri)
immigrant Germany  Anna Mary Spori (Spoeri) (3 December 1802,Baden, Germany - 11 September 1879,Crawford, Ohio, USA)

America/USA  Alice Louisa Sprague (1869,Rochester, New York, USA - 8 June 1875,Rochester, New York, USA)
(Nathan Sprague & Rosetta Douglass)
America/USA  Annie Rosine Sprague (1865,Rochester, New York, USA - 1893,)
(Nathan Sprague & Rosetta Douglass)
America/USA  Edward Sprague (9 March 1663,Malden, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  Elizabeth Sprague (1657,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA - 27 May 1724,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Francis Sprague & Ruth Bassett)
America/USA  Estelle Irene Sprague (11 August 1876,Rochester, New York, USA - 14 October 1927,Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
(Nathan Sprague & Rosetta Douglass)
America/USA  Frederica Douglass Sprague (9 August 1880,Rochester, New York, USA - 23 October 1923,Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
(Nathan Sprague & Rosetta Douglass)
America/USA  Harriet Bailey Sprague (27 November 1866,Rochester, New York, USA - 1 November 1940,Kansas City, Missouri, USA)
(Nathan Sprague & Rosetta Douglass)
  Harvey Sprague (, - ,)
America/USA  Herbert Douglass Sprague (17 March 1874,Rochester, New York, USA - 26 June 1943,Manhattan, New York, USA (New York City) (New Amsterdam))
(Nathan Sprague & Rosetta Douglass)
America/USA  Irene Sprague (1697,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John Sprague & Lydia UNKNOWN)
America/USA  Joanna Sprague (1676,Richmond, Rhode Island, USA - 15 February 1757,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston))
(Jonathan Sprague & Mehitable Holbrook)
England  John Sprague (23 May 1624,, Dorset County, England - 24 June 1692,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  John Sprague (1656,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA - 6 March 1728,Lebanon, Connecticut, USA)
(John Francis Sprague & Ruth Bassett)
America/USA  John Francis Sprague (26 March 1633,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA - 26 March 1676,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Sprague & Millicent Eames)
America/USA  Jonathan Sprague (28 May 1648,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 10 April 1756,Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA (Esmond) (Georgiaville))
(William Sprague & Millicent Eames)
America/USA  Marion Pamelia Sprague (6 February 1884,Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA - January 1963,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Mary Sprague (1800,Westport, Massachusetts, USA - abt. 1890,Cambridge, New York, USA)
US Civil War Soldiers   Nathan Sprague (1841, - 1907,Monroe County New York, USA)
America/USA  Rosabelle Mary Sprague (25 September 1877,Washington, DC, USA - ,)
(Nathan Sprague & Rosetta Douglass)
immigrant England  William Sprague (1609,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 26 October 1675,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Zilpah Sprague (17 June 1766 ,Sharon, Connecticut, USA - 29 January 1849 ,South Butler, Wayne, New York)

immigrant Germany  Wilhelm SPRENCKEL (1695,Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany - January 16 1772,York, Pennsylvania, USA (Yorktown))

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