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  Reed (, - ,)
America/USA  Abigail Reed (30 December 1636,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 30 November 1699,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Reed & Mabel Kendall)
America/USA  Abigail Reed (6 February 1685,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 16 January 1776,Lexington, Massachusetts, USA)
(George Reed & Abigail Pierce)
America/USA  Alfred Clifford Reed (12 March 1891,Ville Platte, Louisiana, USA - ,)
(Clinton Reed & Alice Vidrine)
  Anna Reed (1746, - 13 October 1818,Conway, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
America/USA  Annie Parker Reed (23 September 1874,, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Nelson Root Reed & Sophia Richmond Lawton)
America/USA  Asa Acey Reed (1835,Ripley, Ohio, USA - 11/22/1915,Dayton, Ohio, USA)
(Thomas John Reed & Emily Shaw)
America/USA  Benjamin Reed (22 October 1696,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - 25 December 1765,Lexington, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Reed & Abigail Kendall)
America/USA  Benjamin Reed (13 May 1718,Lexington, Massachusetts, USA - 1 March 1790,Rutland, Massachusetts, USA)
(Benjamin Reed & Rebecca Stone)
America/USA  Benjamin F Reed (about 1863,, Iowa, USA - ,)
(Asa Acey Reed & Mary Maud Matilda Guy)
America/USA  Bertha Lawton Reed (20 December 1873,, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Nelson Root Reed & Sophia Richmond Lawton)
America/USA  Charles David Reed (8 January 1932,Ville Platte, Louisiana, USA - 6 May 2005,Ville Platte, Louisiana, USA)
(Alfred Clifford Reed & Appoline Fontenot)
America/USA  Charley Reed (1867,, Ohio, USA - ,)
(Asa Acey Reed & Mary Maud Matilda Guy)
America/USA  Clara Reed (1860,Ripley, Ohio, USA - about 1920,)
(Thomas John Reed & Emily Shaw)
America/USA  Clara Nelson Reed (31 December 1869,, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Nelson Root Reed & Sophia Richmond Lawton)
America/USA  Clifford Carver Reed (04/06/1913,Jersey City, New Jersey, USA - 05/24/1998,Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)
(Clifford Raymond Reed & Florence Carver)
America/USA  Clifford Raymond Reed (09/08/1889,Ripley, Ohio, USA - 02/21/1933,Cincinnati, Ohio, USA)
(Asa Acey Reed & Mary Maud Matilda Guy)
America/USA  Clinton Reed (23 March 1854,St Landry, Louisiana, USA - 4 December 1934,, Louisiana, USA)
(William Reed & Julie Garand)
America/USA  Edith Reed (1858,Ripley, Ohio, USA - about 1915,)
(Thomas John Reed & Emily Shaw)
America/USA  Elmer E Reed (abt 1861,, Iowa, USA - ,)
(Asa Acey Reed & Mary Maud Matilda Guy)
America/USA  Ester Reed (29 October 1735,Needham, Massachusetts, USA - 11 October 1822,Claremont, New Hampshire, USA)
(Josiah Reed & Elizabeth Williams)
America/USA  Frances "Fannie" Reed (10/1870,Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - ,)
(Asa Acey Reed & Mary Maud Matilda Guy)
immigrant England  George Reed (abt. 1629,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 21 February 1706,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Reed & Mabel Kendall)
America/USA  George Reed (14 September 1660,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 20 January 1756,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA)
(George Reed & Elizabeth Jennison)
America/USA  George Shaw Reed (8/7/1844,Ripley, Ohio, USA - 11/1/1918,)
(Thomas John Reed & Emily Shaw)
America/USA  Henry "Harry" Ellsworth Reed (10/02/1861,Ripley, Ohio, USA - 12/13/1933,Kenton, Kentucky)
(Asa Acey Reed & Mary Maud Matilda Guy)
America/USA  Horace Greeley Reed (1847,Ripley, Ohio, USA - 1885,)
(Thomas John Reed & Emily Shaw)
America/USA  Josiah Reed (26 March 1702,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 9 March 1786,Dover, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Laura Ann Reed (abt. 1836,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA - 10 October 1887,New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Mary Reed (1 May 1709,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Thomas Reed & Abigail Bacon)
America/USA  Matilda May Reed (May 1880 ,, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Nelson Root Reed & Sophia Richmond Lawton)
America/USA  Millie A Reed (1874,, Iowa, USA - ,)
(Asa Acey Reed & Mary Maud Matilda Guy)
  Nelson Root Reed (abt. 1848, - ,)
America/USA  Oscar Reed (1854,Ripley, Ohio, USA - around 1940,)
(Thomas John Reed & Emily Shaw)
America/USA  Patience Reed (1 December 1756,Rutland, Massachusetts, USA - 10 October 1842,Barre, Massachusetts, USA)
(Benjamin Reed & Mary Muzzy)
America/USA  Thomas Reed (abt. 1645,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  Thomas Reed (22 March 1678,Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Thomas Reed & Mary Goodrich)
America/USA  Thomas J Reed (1839,Ripley, Ohio, USA - ,)
(Thomas John Reed & Emily Shaw)
  Thomas John Reed (1809,Jefferson Township, Ohio - 1900,Jefferson Township, Ohio)
(Unknown Mr. Reed & Unknown Mrs. Reed)
America/USA  Walter S Reed (1849,Ripley, Ohio, USA - ,)
(Thomas John Reed & Emily Shaw)
England  William Reed (18 April 1601,Brocket Hall, Hertfordshire, England - 1656,)
America/USA  William Reed (22 September 1662,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 2 May 1718,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
(George Reed & Elizabeth Jennison)
  William Reed (6 October 1778, - 1842,Evangeline Parish, Louisiana, USA)
( Reed &  UNKNOWN)
America/USA  William Reed (11 February 1812,Opelousas, St Landry, Louisiana, USA - 17 November 1861,Ville Platte, Evangeline, Louisiana, USA)
(William Reed & Marie Louise Vasseur)

Reed (Reade)
immigrant England  Mary Reed (Reade) (abt. 1620,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 4 October 1691,Newtown, Suffolk, New York, USA)

Reed (Reade)?
immigrant England  Ruth Reed (Reade)? (1605,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 17 August 1662,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

England  Joan Reeder (1572,Headcorn, Kent, England - 09/26/1620,Headcorn, Kent, England)

immigrant Germany  Robert George Reetz (27 May 1899,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 1958?,, Rhode Island, USA)

America/USA  Hannah Reeve (23 May 1747,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck) - abt. 1840,Chester, Morris, New Jersey, USA)
(James Reeve & Mary Hudson)
immigrant England  James Reeve (abt. 1622,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - abt. 1655,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck))
America/USA  James Reeve (1650,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck) - 1698,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck))
(James Reeve & Mary Purrier)
America/USA  James Reeve (14 March 1672,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck) - 14 March 1732,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck))
(James Reeve & Mary Terry)
America/USA  James Reeve (25 April 1709,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck) - 26 April 1781,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck))
(James Reeve & Deborah Satterly)
immigrant England  Robert Reeve (abt. 1630,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 16 February 1681,Hartford, Connecticut, USA)

  Francis Euphemia Reeves (, - ,)
England  John A ? Reeves (,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - ,)
America/USA  Mary Reeves (31 July 1665,Farmington, Connecticut, USA - ,)
(Robert Reeve & Elizabeth Nott)
America/USA  Olive Kate Reeves (11 April 1875,Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - ,)
(John A ? Reeves & Etta? Adams?)

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