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America/USA  Harriet Julia Peables (February 1867,Auburn, Maine, USA - 20 August 1902,Auburn, Maine, USA)

America/USA  Coronet Francis Peabody (1 December 1694,Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA - 23 April 1769,Middleton, Massachusetts, USA)
(Isaac Peabody & Sarah Estes)
 America/USA  David Henry Peabody (30 July 1901,Mecosta County, Michigan, USA - 6 March 1986,Indianapolis, Indiana, USA)
(Frank Isaac Peabody & Lura Ann Wood)
America/USA  David Jerome Peabody (12 January 1839,Herkimer, Herkimer, New York, USA - 5 June 1899,Fenwick, Montcalm, Michigan, USA)
(Isaac Blake Peabody & Sally Lavina Tompkins)
America/USA  Effa Luthera Peabody (4 November 1899,Mecosta, Mecosta, Michigan, USA - 24 October 1982,Comins, Oscoda, Michigan, USA)
(Frank Isaac Peabody & Lura Ann Wood)
immigrant England  Francis Peabody (19 February 1612,Saint Albans, Hertfordshire, England - 19 February 1697,Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Frank Isaac Peabody (3 December 1875,Montcalm County, Michigan, USA - 2 January 1949,Okemos, Ingham, Michigan, USA)
(David Jerome Peabody & Judith Luthera Moulton)
America/USA  Isaac Peabody (March 1648,, Massachusetts, USA - 21 October 1726,Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA)
(Francis Peabody & Lydia Perkins)
America/USA  Isaac Blake Peabody (6 April 1808,Mt Holly, Vermont, USA - 17 October 1875,Pitcairn, St Lawrence, New York, USA)
(Moses Peabody & Elizabeth Blake)
America/USA  Isaac Perkins Peabody (3 April 1727,Middleton, Massachusetts, USA - 3 June 1776,Wilton, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, USA)
(Coronet Francis Peabody & Dorothy Perkins)
America/USA  John Peabody (1642,Hampton, New Hampshire, USA - 5 July 1720,Boxford, Massachusetts, USA)
(Francis Peabody & Lydia Perkins)
America/USA  Lydia Peabody (30 August 1640,Hampton, New Hampshire, USA - 30 April 1715,Boxford, Massachusetts, USA)
(Francis Peabody & Lydia Perkins)
  Mary Peabody (1652,North Farnham, Richmond, Virginia - 1710,North Farnham, Richmond, Virginia)
America/USA  Mary Peabody (6 April 1672,Topsfield, Massachusetts, USA - 13 December 1731,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Peabody & Hannah Andrews)
America/USA  Moses Peabody (15 January 1765,Middleton, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Isaac Perkins Peabody & Sarah Smith Wilkins)
America/USA  Sarah Peabody (1650,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - 29 September 1732,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)
(Francis Peabody & Lydia Perkins)
 America/USA  Sylvia Lavina Peabody (19 January 1910,Barryton, Mecosta, Michigan, USA - 3 November 1971,Mount Pleasant, Isabella, Michigan, USA)
(Frank Isaac Peabody & Lura Ann Wood)

America/USA  Frederick Benjamin Peach (1 July 1923,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA - 17 April 2012,Eastham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Frederick Coffin Peach & Mary (Marie Emilie) Gimlich)
America/USA  Frederick Coffin Peach (17 October 1880,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA - 22 January 1964,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
America/USA  Louise Peach (9 August 1913,Swampscott, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Frederick Coffin Peach & Dora Holman)
America/USA  Sadie Ruth Peach (22 March 1897,Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA - ,)
America/USA  Sally Peach (18 May 1911,Swampscott, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Frederick Coffin Peach & Dora Holman)

America/USA  Bertha Ora Peachee (2 March 1905,Haileyville, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, USA - September 1982,Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA)
(James Bloomer Peachee & Myrtle Lena Craig)
America/USA  James Bloomer Peachee (16 May 1871,Washington, Daviess County, Indiana, USA - 22 October 1954,McAlester, Pittsburg County, Oklahoma, USA)

America/USA  Bethiah Peake (20 February 1698,Woodstock, Connecticut, USA - 5 August 1779,Auburn, Massachusetts, USA (Ward)) gravestone
(Jonathan Peake & Hannah Leavens)
immigrant England  Christopher Peake (1610,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 22 May 1666,Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Jonathan Peake (17 December 1637,Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA - 2 June 1700,Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA)
(Christopher Peake & Dorcas French)
America/USA  Jonathan Peake (10 October 1663,Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA - 20 September 1744,Woodstock, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(Jonathan Peake & Sarah French)

America/USA  Giles Pearce (1649,Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA - 1698,East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA)
(Richard Pearce & Susannah Wright)
immigrant England  Richard Pearce (1584,, Devon County, England - 1666,, Rhode Island, USA)
immigrant England  Richard Pearce (1620,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1677,, Rhode Island, USA)
(Richard Pearce & Martha UNKNOWN)
America/USA  Susannah Pearce (17 May 1679,Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA - 4 August 1727,Warwick, Rhode Island, USA)
(Giles Pearce & Elizabeth Hall)

America/USA  Mary Pearl (May 1784,Porter, Maine, USA - 26 April 1856,Parsonsfield, Maine, USA (Kezar Falls))

America/USA  Charles Kenneth Pearse (30 July 1907,Chicago, Illinois, USA - ,)
(Thomas Howard Pearse & Mabel Turner)
immigrant England  Thomas Howard Pearse (15 September 1862,Leyford Farm, Staddiscombe, Devon, England - 29 November 1950,Chicago, Illinois, USA)

America/USA  Dorcas Pearson (18 March 1680,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 23 November 1756,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Pearson & Mary Pickard)
America/USA  Jane Pearson (25 August 1684,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 9 November 1771,Bradford, Penobscot, Maine, USA)
(John Pearson & Mary Pickard)
America/USA  Jerome Bruce Pearson (04/07/1909,Rockford, Illinois, USA - 12/6/1969,Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA)
immigrant England  John Pearson (1610,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 22 December 1693,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  John Pearson (27 December 1644,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 12 March 1722,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Pearson & Dorcas Pickard)

America/USA  Angie Theresa Pease (27 June 1860,, Maine, USA - 4 May 1940,China, Maine, USA)
America/USA  David Pease (abt. 1831,, New York, USA - ,)
  Delbert Pease (abt. 1855, - ,)
(David Pease & Martha Green)
America/USA  Edith Jean Pease (25 September 1919,, Pennsylvania, USA - March 1976,Buffalo, New York, USA)
(Louis Adelbert Pease & Almira Colvin Brown)
America/USA  Edwin L Pease (July 1865,, New York, USA - 16 November 1903,North East, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
(David Pease & Martha Green)
America/USA  Helen Pease (abt. 1863,, New York, USA - ,)
(David Pease & Martha Green)
America/USA  Lillian Pease (abt.1860,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)
(David Pease & Martha Green)
America/USA  Louis Adelbert Pease (28 June 1884,, Pennsylvania, USA - June 1967,North East, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
(Louis Eugene Pease & Rose Godfrey)
America/USA  Louis Eugene Pease (16 July 1853,North East, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA - 28 January 1932,North East, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA)
(David Pease & Martha Green)
America/USA  Louisa Pease (18 November 1811,Parma Center, Monroe, New York, USA - ,)
  Lydia Pease (, - 16 September 1798,)
America/USA  Martha Pease (abt. 1861,, Pennsylvania, USA - ,)
(David Pease & Martha Green)
America/USA  Mary Pease (15 October 1643,Salem, Massachusetts, USA - 29 May 1737,Enfield, Connecticut, USA (Thompsonville))
America/USA  Mary Pease (abt. 1858,, Illinois, USA - ,)
(David Pease & Martha Green)
  Maude Pease (, - ,)
(Louis Eugene Pease & Rose Godfrey)

immigrant England  Mary Peasley (bet. 1629-1633,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 22 December 1689,York, Maine, USA)

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