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flag  Betsy Oakes (1777,Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA (Annisquam) - 18 June 1850,Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA (Annisquam))
  Edward Oakes (1763, - 10 November 1819,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Geo H Oakes (1841,New Salem, Massachusetts, USA - 14 June 1876,New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
  Hannah Oakes (1782, - 6 May 1806,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
  James Oakes (1783, - 16 June 1801,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
  John Oakes (1778, - 15 May 1850,Worthington, Massachusetts, USA)
  Jonathan Oakes (1751, - 16 August 1818,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
  Josiah Oakes (1778, - 22 July 1855,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Mary Ann Oakes (1807,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - 29 September 1865,Somerville, Massachusetts, USA)
  Nancy Oakes (1793, - 27 March 1846,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
  Nehemiah Oakes (1742, - 8 November 1798,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
  Sally Oakes (1778, - 30 May 1798,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Samuel L Oakes (1807,Prescott, Massachusetts, USA* - 16 January 1878,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)
  Uriah Oakes (1771, - 22 February 1848,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Catharine Oakley (1823,Hillsdale, New York, USA (Nobletown) - 9 November 1845,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA)
  Henry A. Oakley (1841, - 6 August 1863,South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)
  John Oakley (1842, - 12 October 1873,Newport, Rhode Island, USA)
  Maria Oakley (1819,Taghkonick, New York, USA - 24 September 1897,Feeding Hills, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Mary Oakley (abt. 1705,, New York, USA - 1760,Trenton, New Jersey, USA) gravestone
  Robert Oakley (1800,Taughkanic, New York, USA - 19 December 1862,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA)
  Thomas A. Oakley (1797, - 11 August 1870,Coventry, Rhode Island, USA)
  William Oakley (1778, - 21 August 1860,Colchester, Connecticut, USA)
flag  William Oakley (1785,, England (United Kingdom) - 20 June 1868,Grosse Pointe, Michigan, USA)

  Joseph L. Oakman (1793, - 22 January 1842,Wendell, Massachusetts, USA)
  Samuel Oakman (1756, - 13 December 1823,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  David E Oaks (1808,Prescott, Massachusetts, USA* - 26 April 1873,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)
flag  Eben L. Oaks (1842,Lockport, New York, USA - 16 April 1905,Tucson, Arizona, USA)
  George Oaks (1793, - 16 April 1828,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
  Lucretia Oaks (1810, - 30 December 1842,Wendell, Massachusetts, USA)
  Thomas Oaks (1782, - 10 July 1820,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  William Oalley (1846,, New York, USA - 18 February 1872,Lansing, Michigan, USA)

flag  William Oar (1815,, Ireland - 11 October 1865,Ware, Massachusetts, USA)

flag  Thomas Edward Oates (1887,Lewiston, Maine, USA - ,)
flag  Thomas Henry Oates (21 June 1908,Lewiston, Maine, USA - 20 July 1991,)
(Thomas Edward Oates & Ethel Flora Chase)

  Edward F. Oatley (1834, - 13 September 1868,Newport, Rhode Island, USA)
  Edward S. Oatley (1786, - 21 May 1873,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston) (Matunuck))
  Ray S. Oatley (1781, - 2 June 1862,South Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (Kingston) (West Kingston) (Matunuck))

  Charles Oatman (1799, - 26 December 1848,Derby, Connecticut, USA)
flag  Charles Jay Oatman (1926,West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - 1926,West Springfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Floyd Adams Oatman & Lois Augusta Thompson)
flag  Floyd Adams Oatman (9 November 1899,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard) - 14 October 1970,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard)) gravestone

flag  Desire Oats (10 November 1730,Yarmouth, Massachusetts, USA (South Yarmouth) (West Yarmouth) (Yarmouth Port) - 29 September 1818,)
(John Oats (Otis) & Dority Joyce)

Oats (Otis)
flag  John Oats (Otis) (1684,Dover, New Hampshire, USA - 1762,, Massachusetts, USA)
(Stephen Otis & Mary Pitman)

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