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immigrant Germany  Frederick Lincks (1795,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 1887,Clay County, Kentucky, USA)
America/USA  Nancy Ellen Lincks (1 February 1822,Clay County, Kentucky, USA - 17 March 1890,Fogertown, Clay, Kentucky, USA)
(Frederick Lincks & Nancy Hayes)

America/USA  Abraham Lincoln (13 May 1744,, Pennsylvania, USA - May 1786 ,, Kentucky, USA)
(John Lincoln & Rebecca Flowers)
 U.S. President America/USA  Abraham Lincoln (12 February 1809,, Kentucky, USA - 15 April 1865,Washington, DC, USA)
(Thomas Herring Lincoln & Nancy Hanks)
America/USA  Benjamin Lincoln (7 May 1643,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 27 September 1700,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Thomas Lincoln & Annis Lane)
America/USA  Benjamin Lincoln (16 January 1672,Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA - 10 July 1767,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Benjamin Lincoln & Sarah Fearing)
America/USA  Benjamin Lincoln (17 August 1699,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 1 March 1771,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Benjamin Lincoln & Mary Lewis)
America/USA  Daniel Savage Lincoln (21 June 1802,Middletown, Connecticut, USA - 6 February 1871,Cromwell, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  John Lincoln ( 3 May 1716 ,, New Jersey, USA - November 1788 ,, Virginia, USA)
(Mordecai Lincoln & Hannah Salter)
America/USA  Mordecai Lincoln (14 June 1657,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 29 November 1727,Scituate, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Mordecai Lincoln (24 April 1686 ,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 12 May 1736,, Pennsylvania, USA)
(Mordecai Lincoln & Sarah Jones)
America/USA  Olive Lincoln (14 May 1731,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 28 June 1812,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Benjamin Lincoln & Elizabeth Thaxter)
America/USA  Rachel Lincoln (16 September 1677,Taunton, Massachusetts, USA - 18 February 1715,Easton, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Susanna Lincoln (14 May 1654,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 10 February 1695/6,Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Thomas Lincoln (28 December 1600,Swanton Morley, Norfolk, England - 28 September 1691,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
 America/USA  Thomas Herring Lincoln (6 January 1778 ,, Virginia, USA - 17 January 1851 ,, Illinois, USA)
(Abraham Lincoln & Bathsheba Herring)

immigrant Sweden  Frits Idof Lindberg (23 April 1886,, Sweden - 5 July 1942,Kearny, New Jersey, USA (Arlington))
America/USA  Selma A Lindberg (4 April 1873,Long Beach, New York, USA - ,)

America/USA  Odelia Lindenfelser (,, Minnesota, USA - ,, Minnesota, USA)

 America/USA  Bethia Linderman (10 January 1838,, Ohio, USA - 12 August 1907,, Michigan, USA)
(Thomas W Linderman & Elizabeth De Mona)
 America/USA  Thomas W Linderman (11 February 1811,, New York, USA - 11 June 1862,, Michigan, USA)

America/USA  Betty Lindgren (12,26,1926,Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - 12,09,1998,edina MN)

America/USA  Abigail Lindsey (10 November 1677,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Eleazer Lindsey & Sarah Alley)
America/USA  Eleazer Lindsey (1644,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA - 20 May 1716,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Hannah Lindsey (abt. 1752,Danvers, Massachusetts, USA - ,)

Lindsey (Lindsay)
America/USA  Wilma Ruth Lindsey (Lindsay) (19 December 1928,Herd Osoge, Oklahoma, USA - 19 December 1993,Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Benjamin Lines (1 January 1694,Woodbridge, Connecticut, USA (Amity) - ,)
(Ralph Lines & Abiah Bassett)
immigrant England  Joan Lines (20 October 1628,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 8 December 1709,Wallingford, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Mary Lines (29 January 1679,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 1721,New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
(Samuel Lines & Mary Thompson)
immigrant England  Mary Ann Lines (January 1849,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 27 May 1915,, Rhode Island, USA)
immigrant England  Ralph Lines (1623,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 7 September 1689,New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Ralph Lines (18 July 1652,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - January 1712,New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
(Ralph Lines & Alice Budd)
America/USA  Samuel Lines (1 April 1649,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - November 1692,Woodbridge, Connecticut, USA (Amity))
(Ralph Lines & Alice Budd)

  Elizabeth Linfield (1645, - 8 January 1707,Concord, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Catherine Lingan (1673,Calvert, Maryland, USA - November 1725,, Maryland, USA)

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