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America/USA  Anna Barbara Klapper (,Rhinebeck, Columbia, New York, USA - 10 March 1801,Claverack, Columbia, New York, USA)
(Hendrick Klapper & Anna Margareth Smit (Schmidt))
immigrant Germany  Hendrick Klapper (3 September 1699,, Germany - 29 January 1773,Claverack, Columbia, New York, USA)

America/USA  George Herman Klare (17 September 1898,Sacramento, California, USA - 28 November 1968,Placerville, California, USA )
(William Frederick Klare & Marian Clara Meeker)
immigrant Germany  Herman Henry Klare (31 March 1818,Eggersdorfshall, der Linde, Germany - 19 March 1889,Wabash, Indiana, USA)
America/USA  William Frederick Klare (15 July 1859,Celina, Mercer, Ohio, USA - 9 March 1939,Placerville, California, USA )
(Herman Henry Klare & Mariah Dorothea Wriedle)

America/USA  Laura Ann Klebart (25 December 1852,Webster, Massachusetts, USA - 10 February 1929,Webster, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

Germany  Johann Adam Klein (1688,Neunkirchen, Germany - 4/1/1733,Eiwieler, Saarland, Germany)
Germany  Margaretha Klein (abt 1770,, Bavaria, Germany - abt.1820,, Bavaria, Germany)
(Melchoir Klein & Maria Schninck)
Germany  Melchoir Klein (abt. 1750,, Bavaria, Germany - abt. 1830,, Bavaria, Germany)
(Johann Adam Klein & Gertrud Collet)

America/USA  Kenneth Kless (16 May 1922,, New York, USA - 29 December 1999,Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA) gravestone

America/USA  Homer Kline (1802,Copake, New York, USA - 21 April 1849,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Lucy Kline (1820,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA - 11 November 1851,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA)

  Florence M Kling (abt. 1863, - ,)

Germany  Herman Klingman (,, Germany - ,)
America/USA  Julia Klingman (July 1867,, New York, USA - aft. 1940,, New York, USA)
(Herman Klingman & Maria Coleman)

America/USA  Bertha Minnie Kloseman (22 October 1875,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Heinrich Ernst "Henry" Kloseman & Anna Selma Vogel)
America/USA  Heinrich Ernst "Henry" Kloseman (abt. 1850,Canaan, New York, USA - 1926,)
America/USA  Marie Agnes Kloseman (20 April 1878,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA - 1942,)
(Heinrich Ernst "Henry" Kloseman & Anna Selma Vogel)

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