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immigrant England  Edward Kibbe (11 May 1611,Exeter, Devon, England - 15 August 1661,Brookline, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Joshua Kibbe (1661,Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 1731,Sherborn, Massachusetts, USA (Sherburne))
(Edward Kibbe & Mary Partridge)
America/USA  Mary Kibbe (1679,Enfield, Connecticut, USA (Thompsonville) - ,)

Kibby (Kibbe)
America/USA  Sarah Kibby (Kibbe) (1708,Sherborn, Massachusetts, USA (Sherburne) - 17 November 1762,Medway, Massachusetts, USA)
(Joshua Kibbe & Mary Comey)

  Arthur Kibert (, - ,)
America/USA  Arthur Kibert (23 August 1900,Newton, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Arthur Kibert & Ellen Elizabeth Hogarth)

America/USA  Aaron Kidd (8 December 1713,Christ Church, Virginia, USA - 3 October 1776,, Albemarle County, Virginia, USA)
(William Kidd & Margaret Chowning)
America/USA  Annie Kidd (3 October 1871,Pulaski, Kentucky, USA - 31 May 1932,Lubbock, Texas, USA)
(Benjamin Clark Kidd & Elizabeth Benge)
America/USA  Benjamin Clark Kidd (15 March 1850,, Kentucky, USA - 19 December 1918,Waco, McLennan, Texas, USA)
(Elias Kidd & Elizabeth Jane Black)
America/USA  Elias Kidd (1819, Monticello, Wayne, Kentucky, USA - June 1896,Wayne, Kentucky, USA)
(Larkin Sherrod Kidd & Elizabeth Jones)
America/USA  Larkin Sherrod Kidd (1774,Tazewell, Tazewell, Virginia, USA - September 1853,Wayne County, Kentucky, USA)
(William Kidd & Rachel Chowning)
immigrant England  Thomas Kidd (8 Januar 1625,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - bef. 1684,Christ Church, Virginia, USA)
America/USA  William Kidd (22 March 1675,Christ Church, Virginia, USA - 29 April 1727,Christ Church, Virginia, USA)
(Thomas Kidd & Jane Willis)
America/USA  William Kidd (1740,, Virginia, USA - October 1821,Montgomery, Virginia, USA)
(Aaron Kidd & Susannah UNKNOWN)

America/USA  Dorothy Kidder (29 January 1651,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - 1724,Canterbury, Connecticut, USA)
(James Kidder & Anna Moore)
immigrant England  James Kidder (1626,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 16 April 1676,Billerica, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Joseph Souther Kidder (20 October 1810,Irasburgh, Orleans, Vermont, USA - 11 January 1907,, Vermont, USA)

immigrant Germany  Elizabeth Kieffer (abt. 1751,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - ,, Pennsylvania, USA)

Germany  Magdeleine Kienfen (,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - ,, Germany (German States) (German Empire))

America/USA  Janneken Kiersen (1660,, New York, USA - 1720,, New York, USA)

America/USA  Gerald Francis Kilb (7 October 1889,Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 4 October 1928,Lewiston, Niagara, New York, USA)

Canada/New France  Lucy Kilborn (16 April 1785,Saint-Jean-de-l'Île-d'Orléans, Québec, Canada (St-Jean) - 16 February 1850,Saint-Joachim-de-Shefford, Québec, Canada (Shefford))

America/USA  Mary Kilbourne (17 March 1697,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 22 January 1760,)

England  Daniel Kilham (15 March 1620,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - ,)
America/USA  Elizabeth Kilham (1657,Wenham, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Daniel Kilham & Mary Safford)
America/USA  Hannah Kilham (21 December 1664,Wenham, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Daniel Kilham & Mary Safford)

Killingsworth (Lillingsworth)
America/USA  Unknown Killingsworth (Lillingsworth) (1665,, Virginia, USA - 1698,, Virginia, USA)

America/USA  Harry Vosburgh Killmer (20 July 1890,North East, New York, USA (Millerton) - ,)

America/USA  Benjamin Kimball (12 May 1637,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA - 11 June 1696,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA)
(Richard Kimball & Ursule Scott)
America/USA  Ebenezer Kimball (8 July 1697,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Thomas Kimball & Deborah Pemberton)
America/USA  Fannie Kimball (4 February 1755,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 1 June 1830,)
(Solomon Kimball & Martha Graves)
America/USA  Hannah Kimball (14 April 1723,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA - 25 May 1776,Charlemont, Massachusetts, USA)
(Ebenezer Kimball & Hannah Perley)
England  Henry Kimball (abt. 1615,Rattlesden, Suffolk, England - 1676,Wenham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Richard Kimball & Ursule Scott)
America/USA  Henry Kimball (1655,Wenham, Massachusetts, USA - 14 December 1697,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA)
(Henry Kimball & Mary Wyatt? Riddlesdale?)
America/USA  Rebecca Kimball (22 October 1694,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA - 2 January 1721,Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA)
(Henry Kimball & Hannah Marsh)
immigrant England  Richard Kimball (abt. 1593,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 22 June 1675,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Robert Kimball (5 March 1675,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA - 24 February 1744,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA)
(Benjamin Kimball & Mercy Haseltine)
America/USA  Sarah Kimball (abt. 1635,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA - 12 June 1690,Suffield, Connecticut, USA)
(Richard Kimball & Ursule Scott)
America/USA  Solomon Kimball (19 January 1727,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA - 1766,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA)
(Robert Kimball & Susannah Atwood)
America/USA  Thomas Kimball (12 November 1665,Rowley, Massachusetts, USA - 30 June 1732,Bradford, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  John Kimbrough (1745,Cawell County, North Carolina, USA - 1823,Cawell County, North Carolina, USA)
(Thomas Kimbrough & Eleanor Graves)
America/USA  Nancy Kimbrough (1739,, Virginia, USA - 22 January 1843,Cawell County, North Carolina, USA)
(Thomas Kimbrough & Eleanor Graves)
America/USA  Sarah Kimbrough (1767,Cawell County, North Carolina, USA - ,)
(John Kimbrough & Mary UNKNOWN)
America/USA  Thomas Kimbrough (1707,Cawell County, North Carolina, USA - 20 September 1777,Cawell County, North Carolina, USA)

America/USA  Balthus Kimmel (1718,, New York, USA - 1767,, New York, USA)
(Hendrick Kimmel & Trÿntje Backer)
America/USA  Hendrick Kimmel (30 April 1670,, New York, USA - ,)
America/USA  Sarah Kimmel (26 April 1748,Rhienebeck, New York, USA - 6 October 1829,Stanbridge East, Québec, Canada (Stanbridge Station))
(Balthus Kimmel & Margaret Windfiel)

America/USA  Mary Kinder (abt. 1730,, Virginia, USA - 1820,Bedford, Virginia, USA)

America/USA  Absalom King (6 January 1702/03,, New York, USA - ,)
America/USA  Anna King (7 April 1754,Rutland, Vermont, USA - 1805,Rutland, Vermont, USA)
(William King & Anne Dunkin)
America/USA  August King (7 November 1873,Webster, Massachusetts, USA - , )
(Frederick King & Louisa Brandes)
America/USA  Bertha R. King (02 March 1870,Webster, Massachusetts, USA - aft. 1940, )
(Frederick King & Louisa Brandes)
immigrant England  Clement King (abt. 1636,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 12 November 1694,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
 America/USA  Diane Viola King (1 March 1946,, Massachusetts, USA - 6 March 1993,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Elizabeth King (abt. 1635,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - October 1667,Marlborough, Massachusetts, USA (Marlboro))
America/USA  Emma King (6 April 1867,Dudley, Massachusetts, USA - , )
(Frederick King & Louisa Brandes)
immigrant Germany  Frederick King (abt. 1829,Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany (Hannover) - 19 November 1875,Dudley, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Gladys June King (16 June 1918,, Wisconsin, USA - ,)
(Frank Louis Baker & Esther Violet Peterson)
America/USA  Hannah King (15 April 1681,Raynham, Massachusetts, USA - 7 August 1754,Taunton, Massachusetts, USA)
(Philip King & Judith Whitman)
  Harty King (, - 22 August 1833,)
America/USA  Henry F King (abt. 1862,Webster, Massachusetts, USA - , )
(Frederick King & Louisa Brandes)
America/USA  Ida King (16 September 1864,Dudley, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Frederick King & Louisa Brandes)
America/USA  Jay Carling King (12 March 1917,, Wisconsin, USA - January 1973,)
(Frank Louis Baker & Esther Violet Peterson)
America/USA  Jerusha King (20 August 1747,Southold, New York, USA (Mattituck) - ,)
England  John King (abt. 1615,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - ,)
America/USA  John King (1 April 1676,Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA - 18 September 1723,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
(Clement King & Elizabeth Baker)
immigrant England  Martha King (1600,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 6 March 1667,Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Philip King (1645,Northam, Devonshire, England - 26 December 1710,Taunton, Massachusetts, USA)
  Polly King (, - 18 March 1814,)
America/USA  Sophia King (January 1879,, Minnesota, USA - ,Ponoka, Alberta, Canada)
(HERMENEGILDE (Archie) ROY KING & Sophie Bourgoin)
immigrant England  Susanna King (abt. 1629,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 10 December 1695,Kittery, Maine, USA)
America/USA  Susanna King (6 May 1659,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
immigrant England  Thomas King (,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - abt. 1667,Exeter, New Hampshire, USA)
America/USA  William King (1718,Providence, Rhode Island, USA - 1775,Coventry, Rhode Island, USA)
(John King & Elizabeth Percy)
  Winifred King (abt. 1635, - 1697,Wallingford, Connecticut, USA)
(John King & Mary Baker)
America/USA  Yolanda Denise King (17 November 1955,Montgomery, Alabama, USA - 15 May 2007,Santa Monica, California, USA)
(Martin Luther King, Jr. & Coretta Scott)

King of France
France  Louis-VII King of France (1120,France - 1180,France)
France  Philippe-II King of France (21 August, 1165,France (Gonesse) - 14 July, 1223,Mantes, France)
(Louis-VII King of France & Adèle de Blois et de Champagne)

King, Jr.
 America/USA  Martin Luther King, Jr. (15 January 1929,Atlanta, Georgia, USA - 4 April 1968,Memphis, Tennessee, USA)

King? Woodgaye?
America/USA  Elizabeth King? Woodgaye? (1650,Richmond, Virginia, USA - 17 June 1717,St Stephens Parish, Northumberland, Virginia, USA)

America/USA  Bethiah Kingman (6 June 1693,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 16 January 1770,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Henry C Kingman (4 March 1869,Windsor Locks, Connecticut, USA - ,)

America/USA  Arthur Elbridge Kingsbury (9 March 1873,Jamaica, Vermont, USA - 21 April 1948,Rutland, Vermont, USA)
(Luther Licortise Kingsbury & Ursula Alvina Wetherell)
America/USA  Florence Charlotte Kingsbury (15 December 1901,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA - October 1966,)
America/USA  Jason Huckings Kingsbury (12 December 1882,Corinth, Maine, USA - December 1963,Lowell, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Kathryn Achsah Kingsbury (12 December 1900,Chester, Vermont, USA - 26 February 2005,Brattleboro, Vermont, USA (West Brattleboro))
(Arthur Elbridge Kingsbury & Flossie Achsah Leonard)
America/USA  Luther Licortise Kingsbury (20 December 1837,Jamaica, Vermont, USA - 10 January 1920,Jamaica, Vermont, USA)
(Ward P Kingsbury & Harriet Heart)
America/USA  Phillip Kingsbury (7 July 1761,Oxford, Massachusetts, USA - 18 December 1834,Jamaica, Vermont, USA)
America/USA  Ward P Kingsbury (1 October 1800,, Vermont, USA - 24 February 1876,Rawsonville, WIndham, Vermont, USA)
(Phillip Kingsbury & Elizabeth Cobleigh)

immigrant England  Abigail Kingsland (abt. 1616,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1660,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA)

  Calixte Kingsley (, - ,)
America/USA  Freedom Grace Kingsley (1629,Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA - 26 July 1689,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Kingsley & Elizabeth Johnson)
immigrant England  John Kingsley (7 September 1601,Kingsley, Cheshire, England - 6 January 1678,Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA)

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