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America/USA  Clarke Adrien Kaarlsen (8 July 1943,Monroe, New York, USA - 25 March 2008,San Antonio, Texas, USA)

Ireland  Patrick Kaen (1829,, Ireland - 19 June 1849,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Donald Eugene Kahms (15 June 1918,New Britain, Connecticut, USA - 5 January 2001,Neosho, Missouri, USA)

  Owen Kaho (1800, - 8 July 1860,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant Germany  Antoine Frederic Kaigle (1757,, Germany - 18 February 1812,L'Acadie, Québec, Canada )
Canada/New France  Euphemie Kaigle (8 August 1844,Iberville, Québec, Canada - 9 May 1887,Iberville, Québec, Canada )
(Joseph Kaigle & Adelaide Lalanne)
Canada/New France  Joseph Kaigle (21 January 1790,Chambly, Québec, Canada - 2 December 1856,Iberville, Québec, Canada )
(Antoine Frederic Kaigle & Marie-Anne Maquet dite Lajoie)
Canada/New France  Joseph Kaigle (abt. 1814,, Québec Province, Canada - 16 December 1872,Mont-Saint-Grégoire, Québec, Canada )
(Joseph Kaigle & Sophie Sabourin dite Chauniere (Choiniere))
Canada/New France  Joseph Kaigle (27 February 1842,Iberville, Québec, Canada - 1 February 1877,Mont-Saint-Grégoire, Québec, Canada )
(Joseph Kaigle & Adelaide Lalanne)
Canada/New France  Samuel Kaigle (25 September 1858,Mont-Saint-Grégoire, Québec, Canada - 25 May 1942,, Canada)
(Joseph Kaigle & Adelaide Lalanne)

America/USA  Francis Kaiser (10 August 1860,Savoy, Massachusetts, USA - 11 January 1866,Savoy, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Henry Kaiser & Christiane Rosalie Theunert)
America/USA  Fred Kaiser (abt. 6 December 1864,Savoy, Massachusetts, USA - 6 January 1866,Savoy, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Henry Kaiser & Christiane Rosalie Theunert)
immigrant   Henry Kaiser (abt. 1825,, Prussia - aft. 1870,, United States )
 America/USA  Henry Kaiser (16 August 1857,Florida, Massachusetts, USA - 13 February 1943,Adams, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Henry Kaiser & Christiane Rosalie Theunert)
America/USA  Howard Clinton Kaiser (16 July 1888,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 30 June 1952,Adams, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Henry Kaiser & Mary Jane Miller)
America/USA  John Kaiser (abt. 5 December 1858,Florida, Massachusetts, USA - 12 January 1866,Savoy, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Henry Kaiser & Christiane Rosalie Theunert)
immigrant Germany  Julia Kaiser (January 1824,, Germany - 14 May 1906,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA )
Germany  Mary (Minnie) Kaiser (abt. 1832,, Germany - ,)
America/USA  Robert Calvin Kaiser (29 November 1882,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - 27 May 1954,Detroit, Michigan, USA) gravestone
(Henry Kaiser & Mary Jane Miller)
America/USA  Robert H Kaiser (1916,Detroit, Michigan, USA - aft. 1954,)
(Robert Calvin Kaiser & Edith Millson)
America/USA  Sadie M Kaiser (16 June 1885,Adams, Massachusetts, USA - March 1956,Adams, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Henry Kaiser & Mary Jane Miller)

  James Kalay (1820, - 1 August 1857,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)

  herriet kall (1923, - 1988,alexandria bay ny)

America/USA  bernadine kane (,Lowell, Massachusetts, USA - ,Lowell, Massachusetts, USA)
(dionis lajoie & bernadette [couillard] lajoie)
  Daniel Kane (1809, - 12 July 1870,Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA )
  Maurice H. Kane (1851, - 15 November 1879,Buckland, Massachusetts, USA)
  Michael Kane (1795, - 15 June 1870,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)
  William Kane (1846, - 18 June 1874,Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA )

America/USA  Laida Lahja Kangas (8 September 1899,East Jaffrey New Hampshire, USA - 6 July 1992,Acton, Massachusetts, USA )

Kaorate dit Pelletier
Canada/New France  Cecile Kaorate dite Pelletier (abt. 1722,, Canada - ,)
(Charles Kaorate Outaouabanoun Aouakachit & Marie Josephe Pelletier)

Kaorate Outaouabanoun Aouakachit
Native American Canada/New France  Charles Kaorate Outaouabanoun Aouakachit (abt. 1700,, Canada - ,)

immigrant Poland  Apolonia Kapinos (Dec 5 1881,Galicia which is now Poland - July 7 1969,Holyoke, Hampden, Massachusetts, USA)

Native American Canada/New France  Marie Kapiouapnonkoue (1670,Outaouais, Quebec, Canada - ,)

America/USA  Henry Cyril Karle (2 September 1893,Worcester, Massachusetts, USA - ,)

  Johanna Sofia Karlsdotter (17 mars 1871,Gästared, Gullered, Ulricehamn, Sverige - 1952,Liare, Ulricehamn, Sverige)

America/USA  Alice O Karlsen (25 November 1920,Manchester, Connecticut, USA - 14 December 1998,Hartford, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

immigrant Germany  Alwine Laura Catharina Kasch (September 4 1874,Schönberg, Plön, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany - January 12 1909,Round Lake, Nobles, Minnesota, USA)
immigrant Germany  Carl Hinrich Fredrick Kasch (May 11 1846,Petersdorf, Oldenburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Prussia, Germany - December 11 1922,Luverne, Rock, Minnesota,USA)

  Florence Kasmire (August 16, 1872,Cambridgeport, Massachusetts - April 27, 1946,Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA )

Germany  Anna Ilsabein Kasten (1760,Hille, Minden, Prussia, Germany - 1840,Hille, Minden, Prussia, Germany)

America/USA  Fanny A Kathan (17 July 1872,Brattleboro, Vermont, USA - 6 March 1966,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

  John Kavanah (1814, - 20 March 1855,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)

  John Kay (1802, - 23 September 1875,Cranston, Rhode Island, USA )

America/USA  Franklin Kaylor (20 April 1870,Naperville, Illinois, USA - ,)

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