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  Lydia D Holbroke (, - 2 December 1870,Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA)

America/USA  Abigail Holbrook (21 May 1648,Long Island City, New York, USA - 1681,Derby, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Cornelius Holbrook (19 November 1662,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA - 14 December 1742,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Holbrook & Elizabeth Pitts)
immigrant England  Elizabeth Holbrook (13 February 1625,Glastonbury, Somerset, England - 5 August 1674,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Experience Holbrook (abt. 1627,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1664,Mendon, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Hannah Holbrook (abt. 1650,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA - abt. 1721,Warwick, Rhode Island, USA)
immigrant England  John Holbrook (1595,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 14 November 1643,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Margaret Holbrook (abt. 1635,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA - 23 April 1670,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Holbrook & Sarah Loring)
America/USA  Mary Holbrook (October 14 1702,Mendon, Massachusetts, USA - January 2 1744,Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Mehitable Holbrook (29 June 1649,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA - 29 October 1719,Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA (Esmond) (Georgiaville))
(William Holbrook & Elizabeth Pitts)
America/USA  Mehitable Holbrook (10 March 1687,Weymouth, Massachusetts, USA - 7 January 1747,Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Cornelius Holbrook & Margery Eames)
America/USA  Peter Holbrook (6 September 1656,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA - 3 May 1712,Mendon, Massachusetts, USA)
(Thomas Holbrook & Hannah Shepard)
America/USA  Rachel Holbrook (6 November 1753,Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA - 9 March 1832,Danby, Vermont, USA)
(Sylvanus Holbrook & Thankful Thayer)
America/USA  Sylvanus Holbrook (15 August 1685,Mendon, Massachusetts, USA - 1740,Mendon, Massachusetts, USA)
(Peter Holbrook & Alice Godfrey)
America/USA  Sylvanus Holbrook (13 May 1715,Mendon, Massachusetts, USA - 13 June 1781,Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA)
(Sylvanus Holbrook & Naomi Cook)
America/USA  Thomas Holbrook (1627,, Massachusetts, USA - 11 April 1705,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Holbrook & Sarah Loring)
immigrant England  William Holbrook (12 June 1620,Glastonbury, Somerset, England - 3 July 1699,Scituate, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Abigail Holcomb (6 January 1639,Windsor, Connecticut, USA - 17 August 1688,Windsor, Connecticut, USA)
(Thomas Holcomb & Elizabeth Ferguson)
immigrant England  Thomas Holcomb (7 April 1605,Hull, Devon, England - 7 September 1657,Windsor, Connecticut, USA)

America/USA  Abigail Holden (30 May 1710,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Samuel Holden & Susannah Shattuck)
  Elizabeth Holden (1721, - 12 December 1816,Charlestown, Sullivan, New Hampshire, USA)
 America/USA  Joshua Bennett Holden (5 March 1850,Woburn, Massachusetts, USA - 23 June 1910,Boston, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Margaret Dungan Holden (January 1663,, Rhode Island, USA - 1740,North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA (North Kingston) (Wickford))
(Randall Holden & Frances Dungan)
America/USA  Michael O'Brion Holden (1885,Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
immigrant England  Randall Holden (1612,Salisbury, Wiltshire, England - 23 August 1692,Warwick, Rhode Island, USA)
America/USA  Samuel Holden (28 April 1674,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA - 1 April 1728,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Mehitable Holdridge (14 April 1652,Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA - April 1678,Hampton, New Hampshire, USA)
(William Holdridge & Isabella Craddock)
immigrant England  William Holdridge (1610,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1680,Exeter, New Hampshire, USA)

immigrant Norway  Dirck Noorman Volkertsen Holgerson (1610,Bergen, Hordaland, Norway - 24 April 1677,Kings Co., New York, USA)

America/USA  James P Holland (7 December 1865,Leominster, Massachusetts, USA - 16 November 1873,Leominster, Massachusetts, USA)
(Patrick Holland & Elizabeth Walsh)
immigrant England  Jane Holland (1834,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 22 February 1904,Lewiston, Maine, USA)
England  Lydia Holland (1574,, Devon County, England - 1604,Leiden, Netherlands (Holland) (Leyden))
Ireland  Mary Holland (,, Ireland - ,)
America/USA  Mary Agnes Holland (1884,Cohoes, New York, USA - 1967,, New York, USA)
Ireland  Patrick Holland (abt. 1823,, Ireland - ,)
Canada/New France  Sarah Holland (1798,, New Brunswick, Canada - ,)
England  Susannah Holland (6 November 1808,Padiham, Lancashire, England - ,)
America/USA  William Holland (11 February 1864,Leominster, Massachusetts, USA - 24 June 1885,Wincham, Cheshire, England)
(Patrick Holland & Elizabeth Walsh)

Holliman (Westcott) Sweet
immigrant England  Mary Holliman (Westcott) Sweet (c.1600,, Devon County, England - c. 1681,Salem, Massachusetts, USA)
(Guy Wetscott & Mary Stukely)

America/USA  Abraham "Abram" Hollingsworth (19 January 1685,Rockland Manor, New Castle County, Delaware, USA - November 1748,Opeckan, Frederick County, Virginia, USA)
(Thomas Valentine Hollingsworth & Margaret Calvert)
America/USA  Carter Hollingsworth (1792,Laurens County, South Carolina, USA - 19 August 1865,, Indiana, USA)
(James Hollingworth & Sarah Wright)
America/USA  George Henry Hollingsworth (7 April 1712,, Maryland, USA - 16 November 1786,, South Carolina, USA)
(Abraham "Abram" Hollingsworth & Ann Robinson)
America/USA  James Hollingsworth (1812,, Indiana, USA - 1853,Vermillion County, Indiana, USA)
(Carter Hollingsworth & Charity "Catherine" Ramsey)
  Katherine Hollingsworth (, - ,)
America/USA  Telitha Elizabeth Hollingsworth (9 March 1842,Vermillion County, Indiana, USA - 17 August 1917,Vallejo, California, USA)
(James Hollingsworth & Martha Caldwell)
immigrant Ireland  Thomas Valentine Hollingsworth (1 May 1661,, County Armagh, Ireland - 2 April 1727,Christiana Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware, USA)

America/USA  James Hollingworth (1758,, Virginia, USA - 1830,, Indiana, USA)
(George Henry Hollingsworth & Jane Elwell)

England  Johanna Hollis (1566,, Essex County, England - 1/2/1610,, Essex County, England)

Hollon (Holton)
America/USA  John Hollon (Holton) (1 November 1643,Hartford, Connecticut, USA - 13 April 1712,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Henry Holton & Mary Winchell (Winche))
America/USA  Mary Hollon (Holton) (1732,Mendon, Massachusetts, USA - 1810,West Swanzey, Cheshire, New Hampshire, USA)
(Silas Hollon (Holton) & Hannah Garnsey)
America/USA  Silas Hollon (Holton) (27 March 1709,Northampton, Massachusetts, USA - 1780,Acton, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Hollon (Holton) & Abigail Edwards)
America/USA  William Hollon (Holton) (13 July 1675,Dedham, Massachusetts, USA - 13 November 1755,Northfield, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Hollon (Holton) & Abigail Fisher)

America/USA  John Holloway (1709,, Virginia, USA - 1757,, Virginia, USA)
America/USA  Maude Holloway (1 December 1888,, Alabama, USA - 17 April 1975,Everett, Massachusetts, USA)
(Watt Holloway & Jane Traylor)
America/USA  Watt Holloway (1 January 1859,, Alabama, USA - December 1929,Calhoun, Alabama)
(Wyley Holloway & Eliza UNKNOWN)
America/USA  Wyley Holloway (abt. 1829,, Georgia, USA - ,)

  Emma Sackett Holly (12 July 1846, - 11 December 1892,)
America/USA  Sylvanus Holly (11 February 1727,Sharon, Connecticut, USA - September 1782,, New York, USA)

America/USA  Abraham Holman (29 August 1670,, Massachusetts, USA - 30 November 1709,, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Betsey (Betty) Holman (2 March 1770,Templeton, Massachusetts, USA - 12 December 1831,Truro, Massachusetts, USA)
(Johnathan Holman & Olive Farr)
America/USA  Dora Holman (15 December 1887,Brookline, Massachusetts, USA - 2 February 1919,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
America/USA  Gretta Holman (1701,Williamsburg, Virginia, USA - 1796,Grayson, Virginia, USA)
America/USA  Johnathan Holman (9 October 1735,Bolton, Massachusetts, USA - 1790,Stow, Massachusetts, USA)
(Nathaniel Holman & Elizabeth Knight)
America/USA  Nathaniel Holman (1703,Concord, Massachusetts, USA - 1761,Concord, Massachusetts, USA)
(Abraham Holman & Susanna Tarbell)
immigrant England  Sarah Holman (abt. 1642,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1675,Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)

  Andrew Viktor Holmander (18 april 1867, - 31 juli 1944,)
America/USA  Anna C C Holmander (26 juli 1894,, Rhode Island, USA - mars 1973,Warwick, Rhode Island, USA)
(Andrew Viktor Holmander & Helga Josefina Isaksson)
America/USA  Axel S Holmander (1893,, Rhode Island, USA - 1959,)
(Andrew Viktor Holmander & Helga Josefina Isaksson)
America/USA  Eric H Holmander (1896,Kent, Rhode Island, USA - 1978,)
(Andrew Viktor Holmander & Helga Josefina Isaksson)
 America/USA  Lillian Elsie Holmander (18 March 1917,Hyde Park, Massachusetts, USA - 9 June 2013,West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA)
(Eric H Holmander & Maria Abrahams)

America/USA  Elizabeth Holmes (23 June 1754,Londonderry, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA - 17 May 1808,Peterborough, New Hampshire, USA)
America/USA  Emily Augusta Holmes (24 December 1832,, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Jesse Holmes & Nancy Dale DeCarteret)
immigrant England  George Holmes (1594,Nazeing, Essex, England - 18 December 1645,Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Henry M Holmes (29 April 1826,Livermore Falls, Maine, USA (East Livermore) - 27 January 1911,Jay, Maine, USA)
America/USA  James Holmes (abt. 1854,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  Jesse Holmes (12 May 1796,Sharon, Massachusetts, USA - 15 September 1871,Carver, Massachusetts, USA)
(Zebulon Holmes & Rachel Thompson)
America/USA  Jessie Willard Holmes (17 June 1923,Tahoka, Lynn, Texas, USA - 13 September 1986,)
(Nolie Everett Holmes & Esther Mae Nelson)
immigrant England  John Holmes (abt. 1635,, Yorkshire County, England - abt. 1676,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  John Holmes (abt. 1643,Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA - 17 May 1676,Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA)
(George Holmes & Deborah UNKNOWN)
America/USA  John Holmes (17 June 1702,Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA - 26 December 1789,Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA)
(Samuel Holmes & Mary Bullard)
immigrant England  John Holmes (1796,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1860,, Wisconsin, USA)
America/USA  John Milton Holmes (abt. 1833,, Kentucky, USA - ,)
(John Holmes &  UNKNOWN)
America/USA  Margaret Holmes (1742,Rowan, Bladen, North Carolina, USA - 1800,Madison County, Kentucky, USA)
(William John Holmes & Jennett Wilson)
immigrant England  Mary Holmes (abt. 1632,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 15 March 1690,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
America/USA  Mathew William Holmes (19 September 1860,Madison, Wisconsin, USA - 22 January 1949,Amarillo, Texas, USA)
(John Milton Holmes & America Hessler)
America/USA  Nathaniel Holmes (abt. 1776,Conway, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  Nolie Everett Holmes (25 March 1896,Antelope, Jack, Texas, USA - 24 October 1989,Carlsbad, Eddy, New Mexico, USA)
(Mathew William Holmes & Annie Kidd)
America/USA  Samuel Holmes (21 June 1675,Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA - 16 April 1725,Dedham, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Holmes & Sarah Farr)
immigrant England  William John Holmes (1710,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 1772,, Rowan County, North Carolina, USA)
America/USA  Zebulon Holmes (28 April 1736,Stoughton, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John Holmes & Keziah Thorpe)
America/USA  Zebulon Holmes (26 June 1758,Sharon, Massachusetts, USA - 31 December 1825,Sharon, Massachusetts, USA)
(Zebulon Holmes & Abigail Savell)

America/USA  Mary Holoway (1722,, Virginia, USA - 1767,, Virginia, USA)
(John Holloway & Hannah Spiers)

America/USA  Carlton Manley Holt (11 June 1880,Skowhegan, Maine, USA - 13 March 1939,Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA)
America/USA  Edin Holt (1850,, Maine, USA - ,)
America/USA  Ever Mae Holt (19 May 1892,Canaan, Maine, USA - 3 October 1982,El Paso, Texas, USA)
(Edin Holt & Addie Amanda Corson)
America/USA  Kathryn Holt (1 May 1906,Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA - ,)
America/USA  Mary Holt (6 October 1638,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA (Byfield) - 15 November 1700,Andover, Massachusetts, USA)
(Nicholas Holt & Elizabeth Short)

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