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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Gai

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Gaigneur dit Laframboise
immigrant France  Jean Gaigneur dit Laframboise (abt. 1642,, France - 29 September 1670,Québec, Québec, Canada )

Canada/New France  Ida Gailey (abt. 1877,Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada - ,)

Canada/New France  Catherine Gaillard (abt. 1777,, Canada - 26 October 1807,Saint-Constant, Québec, Canada)
(Louis Gaillard & Marie-Marguerite Salazar dite St-Onge)
France  Louis Gaillard (abt. 1737,, France - ,)

Gaillard dit Daire
immigrant Fille du Roi France  Marie Gaillard dite Daire (abt. 1647,Rouen, France - 12 July 1736,Lachine, Montréal, Québec, Canada* )

Gaillard dit Duplessis
Fille du Roi France  Marguerite Gaillard dite Duplessis (1637,, France - ,)

Gailloux (Gaillou)
Canada/New France  Catherine Gailloux (Gaillou) (19 April 1694,Batiscan, Québec, Canada - 24 March 1772,Yamachiche, Québec, Canada )
(Pierre Gailloux (Gaillou) & Marguerite Crêste (Crête))
Canada/New France  Françoise-Marguerite Gailloux (Gaillou) (21 January 1684,La-Pérade, Québec, Canada - 15 December 1749,Saint-Pierre-les-Becquets, Québec, Canada)
(Pierre Gailloux (Gaillou) & Marguerite Crêste (Crête))
Canada/New France  Marguerite Gailloux (Gaillou) (5 November 1681,Batiscan, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Pierre Gailloux (Gaillou) & Marguerite Crêste (Crête))
Canada/New France  Marguerite-Françoise Gailloux (Gaillou) (8 November 1691,Batiscan, Québec, Canada - 5 November 1755,Batiscan, Québec, Canada )
(Pierre Gailloux (Gaillou) & Marguerite Crêste (Crête))
immigrant France  Pierre Gailloux (Gaillou) (abt. 1647,, France - 5 November 1714,Batiscan, Québec, Canada )

America/USA  Amelia Gaines (18 August 1825,, South Carolina, USA - 15 December 1881,Cartersville, Bartow, Georgia, USA)
(James Gaines & Margaret Clore)
America/USA  Bernard Gaines (1670,, Virginia, USA - 18 March 1747,Richmond, Virginia, USA)
(Daniel Gaines & Margaret Bernard)
immigrant Wales  Daniel Gaines (abt. 1625,, Wales - 18 August 1682,, Virginia, USA)
America/USA  Henry Gaines (15 June 1731,, Virginia, USA - 1795,Ware Shoals, Laurens, South Carolina, USA)
America/USA  James Gaines (8 November 1791,, Virginia, USA - 13 October 1856,Adairsville, Bartow, Georgia, USA)
(Richard Gaines & Frances Jolly)
America/USA  Martha Gaines (11 November 1719,, Virginia, USA - 7 October 1802,Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA)
(Bernard Gaines & Martha Taylor)
America/USA  Richard Gaines (4 May 1752,Buck Island Creek, Albemarle, Virginia, USA - 9 November 1837,Laurens County, South Carolina, USA)
(Henry Gaines & Maria Woods Stipp)

America/USA  Harrison O. E. Gairo (1863,Washington, Massachusetts, USA - 5 June 1880,Dalton, Massachusetts, USA)

  Elizabeth Gaius (1729, - 1 July 1769,Bristol, Rhode Island, USA)

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