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Di Piennes
France  Jeanne Di Piennes (1602,Chateau, Thierry, Champagne, France - 1689,Lachapelle, Sous Monthauson, Champagne, France)

immigrant Scotland  Alex Dick (10 26 1900,, Scotland - 1966,Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
immigrant Scotland  James Wilson Dick (07 30 1927,, Scotland - 08 22 2004,Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
(Alex Dick & Elizabeth Wilson)

America/USA  Frances Ann "Fannie" Dickens (3 November 1875,Providence, Rhode Island, USA - 17 May 1947,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
(George Wood Dickens & Ellen Judith "Ella" Edwards)
America/USA  George Wood Dickens (June 1845,, Rhode Island, USA - 12 February 1929,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
(Joseph Dickens & Ann Wood)
immigrant England  Joseph Dickens (abt 1815,Manchester, England - 13 March 1863,Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA)
(Mathew Dickens & Lydia X)
America/USA  Mary Dickens (1666,New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island, USA - 30 October 1717,New Shoreham, Newport, Rhode Island, USA)
(Nathaniel Dickens & Joan Tyler)
immigrant England  Mathew Dickens (abt 1788,Manchester, England - aft 1850,Providence, Rhode Island, USA)
immigrant England  Nathaniel Dickens (1 February 1614,Chesham, Buckinghamshire, , England - 18 October 1692,Newport, Rhode Island, USA)

immigrant England  Hannah Dickerman (abt. 1621,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 6 November 1665,New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Mary Dickerman (1 May 1659,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 28 November 1728,New Haven, Connecticut, USA) gravestone

America/USA  Abigail Dickerson (1645,Fairfield, Connecticut, USA - December 1725,Woodbury, Connecticut, USA)
(Thomas Dickerson & Mary UNKNOWN)
immigrant England  Thomas Dickerson (5 October 1595,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 11 September 1658,Fairfield, Connecticut, USA)

Canada/New France  Alexander Dickey (1825,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France) - ,)
Canada/New France  Caroline Dickey (November 1827,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France) - ,)
America/USA  Mary Jane Dickey (31 July 1827,Florence, Lauderdale, Alabama, USA - 26 December 1894,, Illinois, USA)
Canada/New France  Virginia-Julia Dickey (June 1857,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France) - ,)
(Alexander Dickey & Caroline Dickey)
America/USA  William Irving Dickey (10 February 1879,Montgomery, Alabama, USA - ,)

America/USA  Betsey Dickinson (21 December 1821,Conway, Massachusetts, USA - ,)

England  Stella Dickson (1380,Wilsford, Devon, England - ,)

Canada/New France  François-Marie Didier (29 November 1705,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - ,)
(Simon Didier dit Parisien & Charlotte Bruneau)
  Jean Didier (abt. 1715, - ,)
Canada/New France  Madeleine Didier (abt. 1740,Saint-Ours, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Jean Didier & Marie-Josephe Rondeau)

Didier dit Drouet
Canada/New France  Denis Didier dit Drouet (10 May 1693,Champlain, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation de Champlain) - 25 March 1736,New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)
(Claude Drouet & Marie-Jeanne Desrosiers)

Didier dit Parisien
immigrant France  Simon Didier dit Parisien (abt. 1669,, France - 3 November 1710,Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Trois Rivieres) (Three Rivers))

Germany  Dorothea Diegel (Dec. 1849,Hessen, Germany - ,)

America/USA  Kate Diehl (abt. 1858,Albany, New York, USA (Fort Orange) - ,)

France  Charles Diel (abt. 1653,Rouen, France - ,)
Canada/New France  Charles Diel (5 August 1688,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe-de-la-Prairie) (St-Jean-François-Régis) - 20 June 1734,Longueuil, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-de-Longueuil))
(Charles Diel & Marie-Anne Picard)
Canada/New France  Marguerite Diel (18 April 1678,Montréal, Québec, Canada (Ville-Marie) (Montreal) - 1724,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France))
(Charles Diel & Marie-Anne Picard)
Canada/New France  Marguerite Diel (14 June 1691,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe-de-la-Prairie) (St-Jean-François-Régis) - 25 May 1763,Montréal, Québec, Canada (Ville-Marie) (Montreal))
(Charles Diel & Marie-Anne Picard)
Canada/New France  Marie Diel (abt. 1681,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France) - 26 July 1715,Montréal, Québec, Canada (Ville-Marie) (Montreal))
(Charles Diel & Marie-Anne Picard)
Canada/New France  Marie-Anne Diel (abt. 1685,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France) - 15 May 1708,Montréal, Québec, Canada (Ville-Marie) (Montreal))
(Charles Diel & Marie-Anne Picard)
Canada/New France  Marie-Anne Diel (11 September 1727,Longueuil, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-de-Longueuil) - 21 November 1760,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe-de-la-Prairie) (St-Jean-François-Régis))
(Charles Diel & Jeanne Boyer)
Canada/New France  Marie-Jeanne Diel (24 January 1717,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe-de-la-Prairie) (St-Jean-François-Régis) - 18 February 1769,Saint-Constant, Québec, Canada)
(Charles Diel & Jeanne Boyer)

Diel dit Yelle
Canada/New France  Eustache Diel dit Yelle (5 February 1724,Longueuil, Québec, Canada (St-Antoine-de-Longueuil) - 27 July 1793,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe-de-la-Prairie) (St-Jean-François-Régis))
(Charles Diel & Jeanne Boyer)
Canada/New France  Eustache Diel dit Yelle (8 September 1754,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe-de-la-Prairie) (St-Jean-François-Régis) - 20 May 1838,Napierville, Québec, Canada (St-Cyprien-de-Napierville) (St-Édouard))
(Eustache Diel dit Yelle & Marie-Angélique Caillé)
Canada/New France  Eustache Diel dit Yelle (21 January 1782,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe-de-la-Prairie) (St-Jean-François-Régis) - 28 November 1868,Napierville, Québec, Canada (St-Cyprien-de-Napierville) (St-Édouard))
(Eustache Diel dit Yelle & Charlotte Lefebvre)

  Augustin Diemar (abt. 1769, - ,)

Diemar dit Baron
Canada/New France  Charles Diemar dit Baron (25 February 1793,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - ,)
(Augustin Diemar & Catherine Corbin dite Lacroix)

immigrant Germany  Margretha Dietrich (abt. 1695,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - abt. 1760,, Dutchess County, New York, USA)

America/USA  frank dietz (,Methuen, Massachusetts, USA - 10/31/2011,Methuen, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant France  Bernard Diez (abt. 1726,, France - 15 May 1781,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City))
Canada/New France  Marie-Louise Diez (11 February 1760,Charlesbourg, Québec, Québec, Canada (Bourg Royal)* - 4 March 1830,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France))
(Bernard Diez & Elisabeth Therese Badeau)

  Marie N DiGregorio (1877, - 1942,)
America/USA  Mary Rita DiGregorio (abt. 1912,Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA - 22 May 1998,Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA)

  Charlotte M Dill (abt. 1830, - ,)

  eveline marguerite dillen (04 26 1915,morrisburg ont - 08 27 2000,Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

America/USA  Deborah Dillingham (21 December 1659,Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA - aft. 1731,Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA)
(Henry Dillingham & Hannah Perry)
immigrant England  Henry Dillingham (13 October 1624,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 26 July 1705,Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  Judith Dillingham (1578,, England (Great Britain) (United Kingdom) - 17 April 1648,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Mary Dillingham (23 December 1653,Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA - August 1702,Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA)
(Henry Dillingham & Hannah Perry)

  Julia Dillon (, - ,)

America/USA  Edward Joseph Dinneen (15 March 1882,Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 18 January 1948,Malden, Massachusetts, USA)

Canada/New France  Azarie Dion (1858,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France) - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Celina Dion (27 January 1848,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Clement Dion (,, Canada - ,)
Canada/New France  Clement Dion (12 May 1849,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Elmire Dion (abt. 1844,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Florentine Dion (11 February 1851,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Ignace Dion (17 January 1702,Sainte-Foy, Québec, Québec, Canada* (Notre-Dame-de-Foy) - 20 October 1775,Sainte-Foy, Québec, Québec, Canada* (Notre-Dame-de-Foy))
(Pierre Dion (Guyon) & Agnes-Anne Bonhomme)
immigrant France  Jacques Dion (abt. 1649,, France - abt. 1715,L'Ancienne Lorette, Québec, Canada)
Canada/New France  Jacques Dion (17 January 1698,L'Ancienne Lorette, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Pierre Dion (Guyon) & Agnes-Anne Bonhomme)
America/USA  John Ellis Dion (15 October 1897,, Kansas, USA - 17 July 1990,Sherman, Oregon, USA)
(John Layfayette Dion & Nancy Oldham)
America/USA  John Layfayette Dion (13 April 1859,Girard, Branch, Michigan, USA - 26 January 1955,Long Beach, California, USA)
(Mitchel-Octave Dion & Anna Chartier)
Canada/New France  Joseph Dion (19 December 1854,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Marc Dion (29 April 1860,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Marie Dion (,, Canada - ,)
Canada/New France  Marie-Euphemie Dion (4 November 1843,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Marie-Potame Dion (4 April 1853,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Marie-Victoria Dion (9 August 1867,Drummondville, Québec, Canada (St-Frédéric-de-Drummondville) - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Marie-Louise Dion (22 June 1803,Saint-Luc, Québec, Canada* - 22 March 1859,Henryville, Québec, Canada)
immigrant - Canada to US   Mitchel-Octave Dion (1824,Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada - 1906,, Michigan, USA)
Canada/New France  Noel-Francois Dion (27 August 1703,L'Ancienne Lorette, Québec, Canada - 16 November 1766,Cap-Santé, Québec, Canada (Ste-Famille-du-Cap-Sante))
(Pierre Dion (Guyon) & Agnes-Anne Bonhomme)
Canada/New France  Noel-Xiste Dion (20 April 1862,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Pierre Dion (30 January 1699,L'Ancienne Lorette, Québec, Canada - 1 July 1714,L'Ancienne Lorette, Québec, Canada)
(Pierre Dion (Guyon) & Agnes-Anne Bonhomme)
Canada/New France  Pierre (Peter) Dion (3 September 1856,Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)
Canada/New France  Vitaline Dion (4 October 1846,Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Rouville, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Clement Dion & Euphanie Desmarais)

Dion (Guyon)
Canada/New France  Marie-Josephte Dion (Guyon) (24 January 1771,Saint-Michel-de-Bellechasse, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Pierre Guyon (Dion) & Elisabeth Allaire)
Canada/New France  Pierre Dion (Guyon) (27 May 1674,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - 8 February 1737,L'Ancienne Lorette, Québec, Canada)
(Jacques Dion & Jeanne Renard dite Lecointe)

Dion (Guyon) dit Deslauriers
Canada/New France  François Dion (Guyon) dit Deslauriers (abt. 1690,, Québec (Quebec) Province, Canada (New France) - 30 April 1773,Sainte-Croix, Lotbinière, Québec, Canada)
(Philippe Guyon dit Deslauriers & Suzanne Metayer)

Canada/New France  Josephine DION / GUYON (February 1 1844,Stanbridge East, Québec, Canada (Stanbridge Station) - 30 March 1904,Granby, Québec, Canada)
(Pierre GUYON / DION / YOUNG & Angélique BLANCHARD)

Dion deVillers
  Emily Dion deVillers (, - ,)

Dion dit Guyon
Canada/New France  Louis Dion dit Guyon (10 November 1700,L'Ancienne Lorette, Québec, Canada - 14 November 1749,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City))
(Pierre Dion (Guyon) & Agnes-Anne Bonhomme)

France  Jean Dionet (abt. 1666,, France - ,)
Canada/New France  Marie-Louise Dionet (11 February 1699,Varennes, Québec, Canada - 14 March 1736,Saint-Laurent, Montréal, Québec, Canada*)
(Jean Dionet & Madeleine Arrivee (Larrivée) dite Deslisle)

Dionet dit Lafleur
Canada/New France  Madeleine Dionet dite Lafleur (30 April 1691,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada (St-François-de-Sales-de-Neuville) - ,)
(Jean Dionet & Madeleine Arrivee (Larrivée) dite Deslisle)

immigrant France  Andre Dionne (1661,, France - 28 November 1664,Château-Richer, Québec, Canada (La-Visitation-de-Notre-Dame du Chateau-Richer))
(Antoine Dionne dit Sansoucy & Catherine Ivory (Yvory))
  Anna Dionne (1888, - 1947,)

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