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List of Ancestors whose Last Name (Surname) (Family Name) begins with Day

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  Charity C. Day (1825, - 12 March 1847,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant Wales  Dorothy Day (1624,, Wales - 1666,Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Ellen Day (1828,New Salem, Massachusetts, USA - 25 August 1874,Dana, Massachusetts, USA*)
America/USA  Eugene E Day (1867,, Maine, USA - 1940,) gravestone
America/USA  Ezekiel Day (19 May 1662,Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA - 18 February 1725,Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Hannah Day (16 January 1679,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John Day & Sarah Pengry)
  James Day (1832, - 3 August 1864,Adams, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  James Robert Day (1909,, Pennsylvania, USA - 1963,, New York, USA) gravestone
  James Robert Day (abt. 1932,New York - 1986,)
(James Robert Day & Claudia Marguerite Race)
America/USA  Jerusha Day (1780,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA - 8 October 1857,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  John Day (1640,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  John Day (17 February 1665,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John Day & Sarah Pengry)
America/USA  Jon William Day (21 March 1936,Syracuse, New York, USA - 6 September 2013,Hartford, Connecticut, USA)
(James Robert Day & Claudia Marguerite Race)
America/USA  Josie M. Day (1837,Keene, New Hampshire, USA - 23 May 1879,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Lydia Day (18 March 1676,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John Day & Sarah Pengry)
America/USA  Lydia Day (abt. 1705,Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA - 1 July 1779,Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA )
(Ezekiel Day & Mary Rowe)
America/USA  Mehitable Day (26 January 1669,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John Day & Sarah Pengry)
  Milo Day (1834, - 30 May 1869,Clarksburg, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Moses Day (1673,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John Day & Sarah Pengry)
  Nathan Day (1823, - 1 July 1850,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Richard Day (1683,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(John Day & Sarah Pengry)
America/USA  Rowland Day (6 March 1779,Chester, Massachusetts, USA - 23 December 1853,Moravia, New York, USA )
America/USA  Samantha Day (5 June 1809,Rehoboth, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
  Samuel Day (1815, - 10 June 1845,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Shirley Amelia Day (23 May 1913,Warren, Vermont, USA - 11 February 2009,Newport, New Hampshire, USA)

America/USA  Edwin Hizer Dayton (31 October 1873,Auburn, New York, USA - 28 May 1922,Auburn, New York, USA) gravestone

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