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America/USA  Mary Chubb (10 July 1682,Beverly, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
America/USA  William Chubb (1812,Canfield, Ohio, USA - 13 October 1868,Canfield, Ohio, USA)

America/USA  Stephen Chubbreck (1805,Carver, Massachusetts, USA - 12 May 1874,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )

  Daniel Chubbrick (1760, - 27 February 1824,Quincy, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Caroline E. Chult (1820,Potsdam, New York, USA - 16 December 1855,Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Clara Chuney (1803,Tyringham, Massachusetts, USA - 7 March 1878,Tyringham, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  Abigail Church (22 June 1648,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA - 23 December 1677,Hingham, Massachusetts, USA)
(Richard Church & Elizabeth Warren)
America/USA  Abijah Church (1781,Granville, Massachusetts, USA - 7 October 1859,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Aloves Church (1806,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - 27 June 1871,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Ann E. Church (1834,Hatfield, Massachusetts, USA - 21 August 1863,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Anne Church (25 May 1712,Hartford, Connecticut, USA - 21 October 1754,Windham, Connecticut, USA )
  Asenath Church (1776, - 3 February 1796,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Austin Church (1798,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - 6 September 1876,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Benjamin Church (1835,, New York, USA - 21 July 1873,Lansing, Michigan, USA)
America/USA  Caroline R. Church (1816,Granville, Massachusetts, USA - 31 October 1876,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Deborah Church (15 August 1683,Dover, New Hampshire, USA - May 1720,Dover, New Hampshire, USA)
(John Church & Abigail Severance)
America/USA  Electa Church (1795,Claremont, New Hampshire, USA - 27 February 1878,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
  Eli R. Church (1821, - 7 June 1866,South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Elihu Stevens Church (1810,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - 10 January 1869,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Elizabeth Church (1806,Granville, Massachusetts, USA - 27 November 1864,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
  Erson P. Church (1828, - 27 September 1849,Warwick, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Frederick Church (1798,Alford, Massachusetts, USA - 1 April 1875,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA)
  George Church (1801, - 23 July 1875,Warren, Rhode Island, USA)
  George B. Church (1799, - 16 December 1865,Dighton, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  George W. Church (1845,, Wisconsin, USA - 1 March 1868,St Joseph, Michigan, USA)
  Harrison Church (1819, - 7 July 1878,South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)
  Isaac M. Church (1814, - 28 August 1874,East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA)
America/USA  Jacob C. Church (1834,, New York, USA - 16 December 1874,Battle Creek, Michigan, USA)
America/USA  John Church (10 March 1637,Watertown, Massachusetts, USA - 6 May 1696,Dover, New Hampshire, USA)
America/USA  John B Church (1818,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA - 30 August 1863,Sheffield, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  John R. Church (1797,, Connecticut, USA - 7 April 1868,Canfield, Ohio, USA)
America/USA  Joseph B. Church (1814,Granville, Massachusetts, USA - 24 June 1862,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
  Lemuel Church (1802, - 13 July 1820,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Lyman Church (1832,, New York, USA - 20 January 1873,Flint, Michigan, USA)
America/USA  Margaret C. Church (1827,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - 5 September 1852,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Mary Ann Church (1810,Granville, Massachusetts, USA - 4 September 1871,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Mary Sophia Church (20 February 1807,Canfield, Ohio, USA - 19 November 1887,Madison, Wisconsin, USA) gravestone
  Nathan Church (1834, - 29 August 1856,South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)
England  Richard Church (1608,, England - 27 December 1668,Dedham, Massachusetts, USA)
  Russell Church (1821, - 10 January 1866,South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Sally Church (1785,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - 31 March 1872,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Sarah Church (1807,Granville, Massachusetts, USA - 31 March 1873,Granville, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Sarah W. Church (1831,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - 30 October 1853,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Spencer Church (1793,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - 30 August 1874,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
America/USA  Spencer Church (1822,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA - 27 October 1865,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )
  Waitstile Church (1819, - 7 September 1846,South Hadley, Massachusetts, USA)
  Winfield S. Church (1855, - 18 March 1874,Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA)

America/USA  Deburah Churchhill (1808,Cornish, New Hampshire, USA - 14 February 1868,Pelham, Massachusetts, USA)

  Ancel Churchill (1797, - 14 August 1852,Warren, Rhode Island, USA)
  Ancel Churchill (1797, - 14 August 1852,Warren, Rhode Island, USA)
  Benjamin K. Churchill (1775, - 24 April 1858,Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA )
  C. C. Churchill (1824, - 23 September 1875,Buckland, Massachusetts, USA)
  Charles Churchill (1792, - 6 August 1864,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Charles V Churchill (25 January 1894,Auburn, New York, USA - 1920?,Auburn, New York, USA)
World War II Soldier America/USA  Charles V Churchill (10 May 1920,Auburn, New York, USA - 20 March 2001,Leesburg, Florida, USA) gravestone
(Charles V Churchill & Pearl Margaret Frances Shorey)
America/USA  Hannah Churchill (1 November 1644,Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA - 3 November 1688,Wallingford, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(Josiah Churchill & Elizabeth "Eleanor" Foote)
America/USA  Jane A Churchill (12 September 1916,Auburn, New York, USA - 23 June 1996,Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA) gravestone
(Charles V Churchill & Pearl Margaret Frances Shorey)
  John Churchill (1740, - 20 March 1819,Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA )
immigrant England  Josiah Churchill (abt. 1613,, England - 17 November 1686,Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
  Nelson Churchill (1788, - 27 October 1865,Rowe, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Persis M Churchill (17 September 1827,Raymond, Maine, USA - 11 February 1905,Lewiston, Maine, USA) gravestone

immigrant England  Ann Churchman (abt. 1617,, England - abt. 1672,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA )

America/USA  Elizabeth Chute (22 June 1676,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - 3 April 1761,Newbury, Massachusetts, USA )
(James Chute & Mary Wood)
America/USA  James Chute (1649,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - 1730,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)

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