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America/USA  Louisa B. Borad (1817,Leverett, Massachusetts, USA - 11 December 1870,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA )

 America/USA  Helen O Boraski (3 June 1921,Dalton, Massachusetts, USA - 16 February 2010,Dalton, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone

Bordeau (Bourdeau)
Canada/New France  Dominique Bordeau (Bourdeau) (2 August 1699,La Prairie, Québec, Canada - 2 February 1750,La Prairie, Québec, Canada )
(Pierre Bordeau (Bourdeau) & Marie Faye dite Lafayette)
Canada/New France  Françoise Bordeau (Bourdeau) (30 November 1725,La Prairie, Québec, Canada - 9 June 1747,Lachine, Montréal, Québec, Canada* )
(Pierre Bordeau (Bourdeau) & Marie-Anne Levitre)
Canada/New France  Louise Bordeau (Bourdeau) (15 February 1736,La Prairie, Québec, Canada - 11 April 1811,La Prairie, Québec, Canada )
(Dominique Bordeau (Bourdeau) & Marie-Madeleine Perras)
Canada/New France  Marie-Marguerite-Francoise Bordeau (Bourdeau) (15 September 1701,La Prairie, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Pierre Bordeau (Bourdeau) & Marguerite Lefebvre)
immigrant France  Pierre Bordeau (Bourdeau) (abt. 1663,, France - 28 October 1713,Montréal, Québec, Canada )
Canada/New France  Pierre Bordeau (Bourdeau) (11 June 1694,La Prairie, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Pierre Bordeau (Bourdeau) & Marie Faye dite Lafayette)
Canada/New France  Suzanne-Francoise Bordeau (Bourdeau) (8 March 1709,La Prairie, Québec, Canada - 27 February 1758,La Prairie, Québec, Canada )
(Pierre Bordeau (Bourdeau) & Marguerite Lefebvre)

Canada/New France  Antoine Bordeleau (18 December 1673,Québec, Québec, Canada - 4 May 1758,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada )
(Antoine Bordeleau dit Laforest Bonhomme & Pérette Hallier)
Canada/New France  Etienne Bordeleau (2 November 1717,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada - 8 July 1781,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada )
(Antoine Bordeleau & Catherine Piché dite Lamusette)
Canada/New France  Genevieve Bordeleau (29 March 1748,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada - 16 April 1748,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada )
(Etienne Bordeleau & Geneviève-Marie Beland)
Canada/New France  Marie-Catherine Bordeleau (15 August 1699,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada - 14 November 1767,Saint-Nicolas, Lévis, Québec, Canada )
(Antoine Bordeleau & Catherine Piché dite Lamusette)
Canada/New France  Marie-Louise Bordeleau (15 August 1676,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada - 1 July 1720,Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly, Québec, Canada)
(Antoine Bordeleau dit Laforest Bonhomme & Pérette Hallier)

Bordeleau dit Laforest Bonhomme
immigrant Carignan-Salières Soldier France  Antoine Bordeleau dit Laforest Bonhomme (22 December 1633,, France - 18 September 1717,Neuville, Portneuf, Québec, Canada )

America/USA  Elter G Bordelon (11 December 1906,, Louisiana, USA - 4 January 1989,Ville Platte, Louisiana, USA)
America/USA  Janelle Bordelon (17 August 1946,Ville Platte, Louisiana, USA - 3 December 2006,Ville Platte, Louisiana, USA)
(Elter G Bordelon & Della Ortego)

America/USA  Abraham Bowen Borden (8 July 1798 ,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA - 6 December 1862,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA)
(Richard Borden & Martha Bowen)
America/USA  Andrew Jackson Borden (13 September 1822 ,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA - 4 August 1892,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA)
(Abraham Bowen Borden & Phoebe Davenport)
  Ann Eliza Borden (1806, - 11 August 1873,Acushnet, Massachusetts, USA)
  David Borden (1798, - 23 January 1870,Blackstone, Massachusetts, USA)
England  Edmund Borden (about 1480,Headcorn, Kent, England - June, 1539,Headcorn, Kent, England)
(William Borden & Mrs. Unknown Borden)
America/USA  Elizabeth (Betsey) Borden (1784,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
England  Henry Borden (about 1370,Headcorn, Kent, England - ,)
(Thomas Borden & Isabella Unknown)
England  John Borden (1425,Headcorn, Kent, England - about 04/26/1469,Headcorn, Kent, England)
America/USA  John Borden (September 1640 ,Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA - 4 June 1716,Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA)
(Richard Borden, Sr. & Joane (Jane) Fowle)
America/USA  John W. Borden (1823,Dalton, Massachusetts, USA - 8 January 1858,Dalton, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Lizzie Andrew Borden (19 July 1860 ,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA - 1 June 1927 ,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA)
(Andrew Jackson Borden & Sarah Anthony Morse)
  Luther M. Borden (1797, - 23 June 1864,Warren, Rhode Island, USA)
  Martin E. Borden (1800, - 14 July 1870,Warren, Rhode Island, USA)
immigrant England  Mary Borden (13 January 1632,, Kent County, England - 23 December 1690,Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA)
(Richard Borden, Sr. & Joane (Jane) Fowle)
England  Matthew Borden (09/30/1563,Headcorn, Kent, England - about 10/04/1620,Headcorn, Kent, England)
(Thomas Borden & Unknown Mrs. Borden)
  Mrs. Unknown Borden (about 1450, - ,)
America/USA  Rebecca Borden (8 June 1710,Middletown, Monmouth, New Jersey, USA - abt. 1760,)
America/USA  Richard Borden (24 October 1671,Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA - 12 July 1732,, Rhode Island, USA)
(John Borden & Mary Earle)
America/USA  Richard Borden (abt. 1721,Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA - 4 July 1795 ,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA)
(Thomas Borden & Mary Gifford)
America/USA  Richard Borden (abt. 1757,, Massachusetts, USA - 4 April 1824 ,Fall River, Massachusetts, USA)
(Richard Borden & Hope Cooke)
America/USA  Selina Borden (1842,Alburg, Connecticut, USA - 11 February 1886,Acton, Massachusetts, USA )
England  Thomas Borden (about 1345,Borden, Kent, England - qbout 1370,Headcorn, Kent, England)
England  Thomas Borden (1401,Headcorn, Kent, England - ,)
(Henry Borden & Robergia Unknown)
England  Thomas Borden (about 1533,Headcorn, Kent, England - 04/13/1592,Headcorn, Kent, England)
(William Borden & Joan Stephen)
America/USA  Thomas Borden (8 December 1697 ,, Rhode Island, USA - April 1740,Tiverton, Rhode Island, USA)
(Richard Borden & Innocent Cornell)
England  William Borden (after 1450,Headcorn, Kent, England - about 1531,Headcorn, Kent, England)
(John Borden & Benedicta "benet" (Turnor) Borden)
England  William Borden (about 1510,Headcorn, Kent, England - before 06/08/1557,Headcorn, Kent, England)
(Edmund Borden & Margaret Edward)

Borden (Bordeau, Bourdon)
America/USA  Laura Borden (Bordeau, Bourdon) (abt. 1895,, New York, USA - ,)

Borden, Sr.
immigrant England  Richard Borden, Sr. (22 February 1596,, England - 25 May 1671,Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island, USA)
(Matthew Borden & Joan Reeder)

France  Marie Bordier (,, France - ,)

Canada/New France  François Borduas (28 October 1789,Varennes, Québec, Canada - 20 August 1832,Marieville, Rouville, Québec, Canada )
(François Borduas dit Lassonde & Marie-Cecile Édeline)
Canada/New France  Marie-Anne Borduas (30 January 1785,Varennes, Québec, Canada - 26 December 1813,Varennes, Québec, Canada)
(François Borduas dit Lassonde & Marie-Cecile Édeline)

Borduas dit Lassonde
immigrant France  François Borduas dit Lassonde (5 January 1733,, France - 8 September 1815,Varennes, Québec, Canada)

America/USA  Mehitable Boreman (8 March 1700,Bristol, Connecticut, USA - 14 August 1776,New Haven, Connecticut, USA)

immigrant England  Rebecca Boridge (1615,, England - 1681,, Massachusetts, USA)

America/USA  John Borman (18 March 1672/73,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
(Thomas Borman (Bordman) & Elizabeth Perkins)

Borman (Bordman)
immigrant England  Thomas Borman (Bordman) (abt. 1645,London, England - March 1718,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Thomas Borman (Bordman) (8 August 1669,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA - 14 January 1736,Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Thomas Borman (Bordman) & Elizabeth Perkins)

  Therese Bornic (abt. 1704, - ,)

immigrant England  Ann Borodell (17 March 1616,Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire, England - 26 September 1712,Stonington, Connecticut, USA)

  William Borr (1823, - 20 July 1868,Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA )

Borras (foster child)
   Mario Borras (foster child) (21 March 1913,Cuba - 4 December 1996,Key West, Florida, USA)
(Frederick Charles Slade & Anna L Theinert)

America/USA  Joseph Borst (3 September 1799,Cobleskill, New York, USA - ,)

Scotland  Margaret Borthwick (1470,Nenthorn, Berwickshire, Scotland - 1573,Lauchope House, Scotland)
(William Borthwick & Mariot Hoppringle)
Scotland  William Borthwick (1433,Borthwick, Midlothian, Scotland - 5/20/1503,)

America/USA  Nikolai Bortnovski (13 November 1894,Juneau, Alaska, USA - ,)

Bory dit Grandmaison
Canada/New France  Angélique Bory dite Grandmaison (13 December 1699,La Prairie, Québec, Canada - 26 May 1735,Saint-Sulpice, Québec, Canada)
(François Bory dit Grandmaison & Barbe Benoit)
Canada/New France  François Bory dit Grandmaison (20 November 1676,Lachine, Montréal, Québec, Canada* - 1730,Saint-Sulpice, Québec, Canada)
(Laurent Bory dit Grandmaison & Marguerite Lemerle d'Aupré)
immigrant France  Laurent Bory dit Grandmaison (1650,Angers, France - bef. 1681,Lachine, Montréal, Québec, Canada* )

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