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  John Basacker (1816, - 24 October 1875,Tiffin, Ohio, USA)

America/USA  Dwight Bascom (1801,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA - 21 June 1843,Belchertown, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Edward O. Bascom (1852,, New York, USA - 24 July 1872,Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)
America/USA  Jonathan Bascom (1806,, Massachusetts, USA - 23 September 1878,Saratoga, New York, USA)

America/USA  Lewis Bascomb (1798,, Vermont, USA - 19 May 1869,Jackson, Michigan, USA)
America/USA  Prudence Bascomb (1854,Palmer, Massachusetts, USA (Bondsville) (Three Rivers) - 15 January 1875,Agawam, Massachusetts, USA)

  John Baseter (1756, - 15 January 1827,Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA)

  Eugene Bashan (1836, - 24 August 1877,Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA (Albion) (Manville) (Fairlawn))

America/USA  Nelson Bashaw (1850,, New York, USA - 30 October 1870,Marquette, Michigan, USA)

  John Bashford (1815, - 23 August 1878,Lincoln, Rhode Island, USA (Albion) (Manville) (Fairlawn))

immigrant France  Louis Basile (19 April 1694,La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France - 19 February 1752,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City))
Canada/New France  Louise-Josephe Basile (18 March 1726,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City) - ,)
(Louis Basile & Charlotte Duroy)
France  Perrine Basile (abt. 1663,, France - ,)

Germany  Antonia Baskie (1803,, Germany (German States) (German Empire) - 20 August 1822,Detroit, Michigan, USA)

America/USA  Abigail B. Basle (1798,Tyringham, Massachusetts, USA - 3 December 1868,Tyringham, Massachusetts, USA)

Canada/New France  Charlemagne dit Charles Basque (1780,, New Brunswick, Canada - ,)
(Michel Bastarache dit Basque & Marguerite Gaudet)

  Aaron Bass (1783, - 13 April 1863,Warwick, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Abigail B. Bass (1792,Wilton, New Hampshire, USA - 22 March 1874,Ayer, Massachusetts, USA)
  Chas. W. Bass (1835, - 12 August 1873,Warwick, Massachusetts, USA)
  George T. Bass (1842, - 16 December 1877,Warwick, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Hannah Bass (22 June 1667,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA - 24 October 1705,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA)
(John Bass & Ruth Alden)
America/USA  John Bass (18 September 1630,Roxbury, Massachusetts, USA - 12 September 1716,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
  John Bass (1756, - 18 January 1837,Quincy, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Nancy Bass (1781,Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA - 21 November 1859,Tyringham, Massachusetts, USA)
  Nathan Bass (1766, - 2 January 1834,Colebrook, Connecticut, USA)
  Obidiah Bass (1777, - 1 March 1849,Warwick, Massachusetts, USA)
World War I Soldier America/USA  Ray Virgil Bass (June 26 1895,New Hartford, Butler, Iowa, USA - January 29 1950,Round Lake, Nobles, Minnesota, USA)
America/USA  Sarah Bass (29 March 1672,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA - 19 August 1751,Braintree, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(John Bass & Ruth Alden)

America/USA  Channey Bassell (1833,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 8 May 1866,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)

immigrant England  Elizabeth Bassendon? (1590,, Kent County, England - 18 July 1660,Marshfield, Massachusetts, USA )

immigrant Fille du Roi France  Catherine Basset (abt. 1637,, France - 16 November 1716,Beauport, Québec, Québec, Canada (Notre-Dame-de-la-Nativité-de-Beauport))
Canada/New France  Clement Basset (28 February 1728,Chambly, Québec, Canada (Saint-Joseph-de-Chambly) - 22 August 1789,Saint-Mathias-sur-Richelieu, Québec, Canada (Pointe-Olivier))
(François Bessette (Besset) & Marie-Claude Dubois)
France  David Basset (abt. 1659,, France - ,)
Canada/New France  Jeanne Basset (21 December 1667,Montréal, Québec, Canada - ,)
(Benigne Basset dit Deslauriers & Jeanne Vauvilliers)

Basset dit Deslauriers
immigrant France  Benigne Basset dit Deslauriers (13 November 1628,Paris, France - 5 August 1699,Montréal, Québec, Canada )

America/USA  Abiah Bassett (7 February 1657,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - , )
(William Bassett & Hannah Dickerman)
America/USA  Abiah Bassett (1 December 1684,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 27 October 1760,New Haven, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(Samuel Bassett & Mary Dickerman)
  Amos Bassett (1764, - 3 April 1828,Derby, Vermont, USA)
  Ancel Bassett (1769, - 14 July 1837,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
  Beech G. Bassett (1838, - 1 September 1876,Bethel, Connecticut, USA)
  Benjamin Bassett (1740, - 5 March 1825,Derby, Vermont, USA)
America/USA  Charles Bassett (1839,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 20 October 1861,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Charlotte B. Bassett (1790,Westfield, Massachusetts, USA (Wyben) - 23 February 1863,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (North Amherst) (South Amherst))
America/USA  Cynthia B. Bassett (1802,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 9 July 1869,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Ebenezer Bassett (12 May 1700,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 28 April 1721,New Haven, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(Samuel Bassett & Mary Dickerman)
  Edward Marshall Bassett (1862, - 11 October 1882,West Haven, Connecticut, USA)
  Elisha Bassett (1829, - 26 February 1879,Freetown, Massachusetts, USA (Assonet) (East Freetown))
America/USA  Elizabeth Bassett (15 July 1694,Boston, Massachusetts, USA - ,)
  Frederick Bassett (1838, - 6 June 1867,Derby, Vermont, USA)
America/USA  Hannah Bassett (13 September 1650,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 17 June 1726,Wallingford, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(William Bassett & Hannah Dickerman)
America/USA  Henry W. Bassett (1825,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 5 November 1868,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
  Joeph Bassett (1837, - 5 January 1876,Hinsdale, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  John Bassett (24 December 1652,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 8 February 1713,New Haven, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(William Bassett & Hannah Dickerman)
America/USA  John Bassett (3 March 1690,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 11 July 1726,New Haven, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(Samuel Bassett & Mary Dickerman)
America/USA  John Bassett (11 July 1691,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - ,)
(John Bassett & Mercy Todd)
America/USA  John Bassett (1784,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 27 June 1870,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
  John Bassett (1792, - 21 November 1845,Woodbury, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Joseph Bassett (1635,Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA (North Plymouth) (White Island Shores) - 16 October 1677,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Bassett & Elizabeth Tilden ?)
America/USA  Joseph Bassett (15 February 1695,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 5 August 1741,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
(William Bassett & Sarah Sweetland (Swetland))
American Revolutionary War Soldier America/USA  Joseph Bassett (2 March 1731,East Greenwich, Rhode Island, USA - 6 May 1803,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA) gravestone
(Joseph Bassett & Elizabeth Ames)
America/USA  Joseph M. Bassett (1824,Rowe, Massachusetts, USA - 1 February 1856,Egremont, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Josephine B. Bassett (1843,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard) - 6 March 1871,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (North Amherst) (South Amherst))
  Keith Bassett (1792, - 10 January 1868,West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Lemmuel Bassett (1788,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 9 August 1856,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Lucetta B. Bassett (1822,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 14 May 1869,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
  Lucy P. Bassett (1837, - 25 May 1872,Derby, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Lydia Bassett (1790,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 19 October 1859,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  Merian A Bassett (1840,Norwich, Connecticut, USA - 4 April 1860,Amherst, Massachusetts, USA (North Amherst) (South Amherst))
America/USA  Nathan Bassett (1855,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 17 April 1875,Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA)
  Nathan S. Bassett (1796, - 1 December 1868,Chilmark, Massachusetts, USA (Menemsha))
America/USA  Phebe Bassett (19 August 1759,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 30 October 1838,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
(Joseph Bassett & Phebe Cushman)
  Philo Bassett (1768, - 20 December 1844,Derby, Connecticut, USA)
America/USA  Ruth Bassett (1633,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 1683,Duxbury, Massachusetts, USA (Cedar Crest) (South Duxbury))
(William Bassett & Elizabeth Tilden ?)
America/USA  Samuel Bassett (15 February 1654,New Haven, Connecticut, USA - 8 April 1716,New Haven, Connecticut, USA) gravestone
(William Bassett & Hannah Dickerman)
America/USA  Samuel Bassett (1833,Lee, Massachusetts, USA - 10 May 1859,Lee, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  William Bassett (abt. 1590,, England (United Kingdom) - 4 April 1667,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
immigrant England  William Bassett (1621,, England (United Kingdom) - 29 August 1684,New Haven, Connecticut, USA)
immigrant England  William Bassett (abt. 1624,, England (United Kingdom) - 31 May 1703,Lynn, Massachusetts, USA)
America/USA  William Bassett (abt. 1667,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA - 13 April 1734,Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA)
(Joseph Bassett & Mary Lapham)

  Charles E. Bassford (1850, - 24 January 1873,Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (Indian Orchard))

immigrant Italy  Angelo Basso (,Giais, Italy - 1960,Ft Myers, Florida, USA)
America/USA  Roger Basso (12/10/1938,Welch, West Virginia, USA - ,The Villages, Florida, USA)
(Angelo Basso & Julia Rucci)

  Elizabeth Basson (abt. 1654, - abt. 1702,, Maine, USA)

Canada/New France  Rosa Bassonet (1852,, Canada - 16 May 1874,Williamsburg, Massachusetts, USA (Haydenville))

Acadia  Anne Bastarache (abt. 1693,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - 20 September 1737,Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia)
(Jean-Joannis Bastarache dit LeBasque & Huguette Agathe Vincent)
Acadia  Anne Bastarache (1732,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - ,)
(Jean Bastarache & Angélique Richard)
Acadia  Anselme Bastarache (1735,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - ,)
(Jean Bastarache & Angélique Richard)
Canada/New France  Félicité Bastarache (abt. 1756,, New Brunswick, Canada - 27 October 1819,Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada (Tracadie-Sheila)) gravestone
(Michel Bastarache dit Basque & Marguerite Gaudet)
Acadia  François Marie Bastarache (1687,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - ,)
(Jean-Joannis Bastarache dit LeBasque & Huguette Agathe Vincent)
Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement Acadia  Jean Bastarache (abt. 1696,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - 22 December 1757,Québec, Québec, Canada (Quebec City))
(Jean-Joannis Bastarache dit LeBasque & Huguette Agathe Vincent)
Canada/New France  Jean Bastarache (December 1765,, New Brunswick, Canada - 11 November 1823,Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada (Tracadie-Sheila))
(Michel Bastarache dit Basque & Marguerite Gaudet)
Acadian Exile - Grand Derangement Acadia  Jeanne Bastarache (22 October 1714,Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia - 8 September 1782,La Prairie, Québec, Canada (St-Philippe) (St-Jean-François-Régis))
(François Marie Bastarache & Agnès Labauve)
Canada/New France  Marguerite Bastarache (1762,, New Brunswick, Canada - ,)
(Michel Bastarache dit Basque & Marguerite Gaudet)
Acadia  Marie Anne Bastarache (June 1685,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - 28 August 1726,Annapolis Royal, Annapolis, Nova Scotia, Canada / Port Royal, Acadia)
(Jean-Joannis Bastarache dit LeBasque & Huguette Agathe Vincent)
Canada/New France  Marie Anne Bastarache (1763,, New Brunswick, Canada - 1786,)
(Michel Bastarache dit Basque & Marguerite Gaudet)
Canada/New France  Marie Madeleine Bastarache (1770,, New Brunswick, Canada - 1825,)
(Michel Bastarache dit Basque & Marguerite Gaudet)
Acadia  Marie Modeste Bastarache (1740,, Acadia, Canada (Acadie) - ,)
(Jean Bastarache & Angélique Richard)

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