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American Revolutionary War

The British used the colonies as a way to make money. They had the power to enact laws in Parliament outside of America which significantly affected life and trade in the 13 colonies. These Acts of Parliament benefited the British but not the colonies. In addition, colonists were not afforded the same rights as the British people, nor did they have any representatives in the British Parliament to present their points of view. The colonists protested and their protests led to revolution.

These ancestors fought in the American Revolution:

William Andrew WALKER (19 December 1725, Londonderry, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA - 10 August 1810, Marshalltown, Botetourt, Virginia, USA)
Paul WENTWORTH (5 May 1737, Berwick, Maine, USA - April 1783, Berwick, Maine, USA)
Timothy WENTWORTH (22 January 1747, Berwick, Maine, USA - 22 November 1842, Berwick, Maine, USA)
William WISEMAN (2 November 1740, London, England - 1823, , North Carolina, USA)
Nathan WOOD (16 September 1761, Sharon, Connecticut, USA - 31 May 1839 , Camillus, Onondaga, New York, USA)
Samuel WOODS (16 December 1740, - 13 December 1825, Lavinia, Carroll, Tennessee, USA)
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